Spanish Balboa Makes it to the top

Balboa was born in Spain historians agreed he was born in 1457

  • His parents wasn't very wealthy when he was young he worked in the household of rich noblemen who lived on the Atlantic Coast of southwest Spain.
  • He would not buy are eat animals that they worshipped his parents are Nuno Arias de balboa By the end of 1516 Balboa's authority was certified by king Ferdinand.

The Ship

  • In 1500 Balboa sailed to the New World in search of riches. He did not get rich, though. Balboa decided to become a farmer in Hispaniola. (We call that Haiti and the Dominican Republic, now.) The farm did not do well. Balboa lost all his money. He and his dog stowed away on a ship. The leader of the ship, Enciso, found him. He was going to put Balboa off the ship but Balboa knew a lot about where they were going. Encisco let him stay.