November 16

Allergy Drill, TBD

Fire Drill, TBD

Administrative and Leadership Meeting, 9:30 am

November 17

RTI Team Meetings, During Planning

Special Education Meeting, 3:45 pm

Yearbook Meeting, 3:45 pm

Soccer: Girls @ Madras Middle School, 4:30 pm

Soccer: Boys vs. Madras Middle School, 4:30 pm

November 18

Custodian Appreciation Day In Coweta County

National Educational Support Professional Day

Southtowne Awards Lunch

Paraprofessionals Meeting, 9:00 am

Student Advisory Committee Meeting, 2:20 pm

AdvancED Team Meeting, 3:45 pm

November 19

Progress Reports Issued

SGA Officers' Meeting, 7:40 am

PTO Meeting, 8:30 am

Yearbook Meeting, 3:45 pm

Soccer: Girls vs. Lee Middle School, 4:30 pm

Soccer: Boys @ Lee Middle School, 4:30 pm

November 20

Pink /Hat Day

7th Grade PBIS

southtowne Athletic Award Winners

Big image

southtowne academic award winners

Big image

team pettaway easily wins the can good drive amongst non-homeroom teachers

Big image

chorus frequents the varisty in atlanta before heading to phillips arena to sing national anthem at hawks game

Big image

Mrs. Meacham directs chorus as they sing the national anthem before the atlanta hawks take the court

Big image

Book club Finishes the Novel "Rules"

Big image

what in the world?

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Jessica Royal (November 15)

Ruth Beasley (November 16)

Clay Hildebrand (November 20)

Continuous Improvement and Upcoming AdvancED Visit

Each Week We Will Review and Discuss One of the Standards for School Improvement

AdvancED Status

A. On November 19, 2015, county office staff will help Principals load their THIRD rating of the indicators/standards into the AdvancED Assist Platform. They will also load a narrative for each of the five standards. Evidence will also be discussed, as well as how to link the evidence that supports each indicator.

B. Principals will receive directions at this meeting about some other items that will be needed: Stakeholder Diagnostics (survey info), Diagnostics from Milestones, and Executive Summary.

C. As we near the visit, Principals and ten member teams are gathering evidence. As Principals leave the meeting on November 19, 2015, they will hopefully have a better idea of evidence they currently possess, as well as what they still need.


  • Use SLDS to Identify Students That Will Need Additional Interventions
  • Utilize a Variety of Instructional Approaches
  • Utilize Online Resources Such As USA Test Prep, Brain Pop, and Study Island
  • Coaches and Club Sponsors Are Responsible for Their Specific Students Until Retrieved By Parents


  • Be Sure to Join and Volunteer with PTO
  • Sign Up for Parent Portal
  • Follow Us on Twitter @DrTsWildcats
  • Sign Up for REMIND Text Messages (Text 81010 and Enter Message @srmspar)
  • Visit Our Website Often For Information


  • Continue to Strive for Excellence
  • Find an Adult When You Have a Problem or Concern You Can't Handle Alone
  • Celebrate Other Peers' Successes
  • Listen Up for Opportunities to Participate in Clubs, Sports and Fun Activities

saturday school was a success

as we prepare to move students forward... remember