How To Live Another Way Of Life!

Finally You Can Do It he Easy & Fun Way! Let me explain ....

Imagine Creating The Life You Want?

How would a portable lifestyle suit you? Working the laptop way from wherever you like? Move to Thailand and work? Or to some other exotic place?

This is not for everyone. Some people like it just the way things are, while some people are constantly dreaming of Another Way Of Life!

The Outdoor Executive Office - The Pool

Is Another Way Of Life spent in the pool, sailing or on the beach?

Could be! Or it could be spent where you love to be.

I´m going to spend more time in Australia!

You see the Project A.W.O.L or Another Way Of Life focuses on how you can let others do a lot of your tedious marketing tasks. This will free your time to do more of what you really enjoy in life.

About Me

I am creating the laptop lifestyle. A life where I work from wherever I want and when I want. A life which allows me to travel and to walk the beaches of the world.

I have found my vehicle that makes this possible. I want to show you that Another Way Of Life is there for you too. Everything you want is on the other side of a decision.