By: Eleyse Smith

Meaning of the Lithuiania flag

The meaning of the Lithuania flag is yellow means golden fields as well as sunlight and goodness , green means the forests of the country side in addition to nature ,freedom, and hope , and red means courage and the blood in defense of the homeland.


The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius.

Major bodies of water

Major bodies of water of Lithuania is Baltic Sea and Golf of Riga.
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What type of goverment?

Lithuania has a Republic Government.

Who is the leader of Lithuiania ?

The leader of Lithuania is Dalia Grybauskaite

How is Lithuania's leader chosen?

How Lithuania's leader is chosen is he/she gets elected

Description of Rights ,Responsibilities ,and Roles of the citizens

The description of the rights , roles , and responsibilities of the citizens is truth and honor.
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Is Lithuania a rich nation or a poor nation?

Lithuania is a rich nation.

How much money does Lithuania have?

Lithuania has $48.29 billon.

Lithuania's main export

Lituania's main export is refined fuel, manichery,equipment ,chemicals ,food stuff and plastic

life expectancy,birth rate ,and literacy rate

The life expectancy of Lithuania is 73.86 years, The birth rate of Lithuania is 10.1 ,and the literacy rate of Lithuania is 99.8 .
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What do Lithuiania people wear?

What Liuthiania people wear is normal clothes for example for female shorts, skirts, dresses, and high heels, and for men shorts ,t-shirts, and tennis shoes.

What is there major language ?

What Lithuania's major language is called is Lithuanian.

What are Lithuania's major holidays?

Lithuania's major holidays is St. Johns day (day of dews),June solstice,2nd day of Christmas, and King Mindaugs coronation day.

Religions and belifs

Lithuania's religion is Christianity and there belief is in God.

Poopular food in Lithuiania

Popular food in Lithuania is rye bread , cold beet soup, and smoked sausage.
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general weather conditions

The general weather in Lithuania is on the coast it is 27.5 fairinhight in January, and in July it is 60.8 fairinhight

Average yearly rainfall

The average yearly rainfall in Lithuania is frequently around the rainy days on the coast.

Average yearly tempature

The average yearly temperature in Lithuania is 60.8 fairinhight.

Effects on the climate side

The effects on the climate side is in the winter when crops die.
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immigration in Lithuania was Lithuanian immigration to the United States began in the late 1800's after the civil war During the late 19th and the early 20th centuries on estimated 300,000 Lithuania's journeyed America


Invasion in Lithuania was on 3/16/15 Lithuania's feared invasion from the Russians.
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Compare and contrast

The 2 aspects of there food and clothes is they have the same clothes as ours and the food is similar for example smoked sausage and rye bread.

Simillarities and diffrences

Two similarities of Lithuania and united states is we dress the same and the food and two differences are religion and government.
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