Hero or Villain?

Chapter 14: Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson's: Childhood

Andrew Jackson was born in Waxhaws March 15, 1767. When Andrew Jackson was a teenager the British troops made him and his brother go with them to serve for them. But there Mother went and got them out. While they were there the got chicken pox. The brother died and soon after, his mother died and it was just him. He got money by gambling. He soon grow up and took on responsibility.
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Andrew Jackson: Hero or Villian

I think Andrew Jackson was both a Hero and a Villain. The reason i think he is a Hero is because he did a lot of good things for the common people. He helped the common people not get over ruled by the rich people. He gave the common people a voice because if he didn't become president the rich people would basically rule the common people. But i also think he is a villain. I say that because he made the Indians move off there own land. He made them go along way's and they didn't have a lot of clothing on for when it came winter. The thing i don't get is why make the Indians move off there land? How would Andrew Jackson like it if the Indians made him move off his land.

Andrew Jackson's Path to Presidency

When Andrew Jackson was growing up he had a hard childhood. When he grow up he started taking responsblitiy in his life. He wanted to do something about the common people and how he wanted them to have a voice. He then became the president.

Andrew Jackson promoted Democracy

He promoted Democracy by supporting the common people. He made everything equal for the people. He didn't think the rich should have all the power and he wanted the common people to have power too.

Cassandra Holmes