CEP 811 Week 6

Universal Design for Learning

Sorry, no video....

I've had a busy week of traveling and reuniting with old friends, so a video wasn't possible this week. I hope you won't miss my goofy intro too much! I'll entertain you with my senior picture instead.

UDL and Assistive Technology

When I first started teaching in the fall of 1998, I was in a school with a "Severe and Profound" special education class. The technology they had for student communication was amazing, and because I liked technology, I somehow wound up on the committee for CAST (Center for Applied Special Technology) in our district. This is when I realized that the tools available could be applied to several students, not just those with identified disabilities. With the advent of Web 2.0 and technology advancements in the last fifteen years, we can reach more students' needs than ever! This week you will explore some of these and have the opportunity to look at your previous lesson design through different lenses.

Conference Fun!

Conference Proposals

Its now time to imagine your face next to those pictured above! This week you'll continue work on your proposals to present at a conference of your choice. These are due June 23rd.

Picture Courtesy of: http://lflta.wikispaces.com/Conference+2013