Sunset Time Lapse Project

by Sydney Gieseman

Why Is This Important?

I believe that my project is an important way to inform my classmates about the world around us. The videos I make as well as the information I provide will teach my classmates about nature and how our sun cycle works. This is good information for anyone who is interested in nature or photography.

Facts about this topic

-The sun is 4.6 billion years old

-As the seasons change, the sunrises become later and the sunsets become shorter or vice versa. Most people don't understand why this works.

-This is caused by the orbit of the Earth around the Sun

-Long ago, before recorded time, summer solstices and daylight savings were the way that many people figured out what season it was

-Time lapses are a form of photography and cinematography that allows the makers to display a gradual change very quickly

-Time lapses take lots of precision and dedication to create

Why Did I Choose This Topic?

I chose to do this topic because I have always loved photography and cinematography. I specifically enjoy taking pictures of nature and recording the different changes that we see in our diverse seasons in Minnesota. Through this project, I am allowed to do something that I love while creating a very rewarding end product: a video of sunsets and sunrises that show the changes that occur throughout the seasons. I get to inform my classmates about nature and the variation that happens in our sun cycle. Although it may not seem interesting to some, I can guarantee that the end product will be worth seeing.

What I've learned & Accomplished

Examples of Sun Cycle Time Lapses

The most stunning timelapses of sunrises and sunsets around Sydney, Australia.
A gift of time lapse, from sunrise, to sunset, to night
TIME LAPSE :: Beautiful Ocean Sunrises & Sunsets (1080p FULL HD)