May/June Newsletter

Update - 19-20 Calendar

Typically, Lockport School District 91 releases the calendar for the following school year in February or March. Unfortunately, D91 has been unable to provide a 19-20 calendar for next year due to pending legislation in the Illinois General Assembly that could substantially impact the proposed attendance days. We do understand how important your family's plans are and would like to minimize the negative impact of this delay by communicating some key dates:

School Starts: Wednesday, August 14th (1st - 8th grade)

Winter Break: Monday, December 23, 2019 through Monday, January 6, 2020 (11 total student attendance days off with a return on Tuesday, January 7th)

Spring Break: Monday, March 30, 2020 through Friday, April 3, 2020 (5 days off)

We anticipate that the legislative issue holding up this process will be resolved in May 2019. A calendar hearing will be held at the June 11, 2019 Board of Education meeting; the public is welcome to attend. The full calendar will be available for public circulation after it is approved by the BOE. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you and thank you for your patience.

Notes from the Principal

Dear KG Parents,

It’s hard to believe the school year is drawing to an end, especially with our second straight year with snow in the month of April. Since the district had to utilize four emergency days earlier in the year, we did adjust the school calendar. This year’s amended calendar and the school calendar for 2019-2020 was sent out last month but below is a quick list of events for the month of May:

May 4th IESA Track Sectional Meet & Nature Club Fundraiser

May 8th Band Recognition Concert 7:00pm

May 13th Chorus Recognition Concert 6:30pm

May 14th 3rd Grade Parent Step-Up Night 6:00pm

May 16th Jr. High Academic and Athletic Awards Night 6:00pm

May 24th Graduation Dance 6:30pm

May 28th Graduation Ceremony at LTHS Auditorium 7:00pm

May 29th Career Day and Field Day

May 30th KG Growth & Honors Assembly 8:45am

Report Cards and Yearbooks Distributed

Final Student Attendance Day-11:30 Dismissal

Summer can be a time for families to reinforce skills taught during the year. Typically, families go on vacation to view historical landmarks, visit museums or family all across the United States of America, but families don’t need to necessary travel very far to review skills especially in math. Stress with your kids mental math. In the grocery store, have your children give you answers to questions you pose regarding the best deal on the different brands available on the shelves. Additionally, teach them to estimate their answer and be able to determine if the answer is “reasonable.” Another opportunity to keep their math skills sharp is in the kitchen. Students can practice fractions and converting between customary units by preparing food using recipes. Therefore, they are not only practicing math but the life skill of cooking!

Encourage your kids “disconnect” from the internet or social media to be active and just be a kid! The school has several camps for kids to participate in during the months of June and July. Summer camp registration information can be found on our website under the “Summer Camps” link. Also, it’s time to register for the next school year. Parents will once again complete the registration information online through our website. The office will be open Monday through Thursday during the summer to drop off residency papers and have extended hours on Tuesday, July 9th to complete the registration process. To conclude, I want to congratulate the graduating class of 2019 and wish them well in high school and beyond.


John Jennings


Nurse Notes

Spring Nurse Notes

Current Sixth-grade students are required by the State of Illinois to have a dental exam form completed and turned in by May 15, 2019. Most students have complied, but there are still a few students who do not have a current dental form in their health file. According to the law, report cards can be withheld if the dental form is not on file. Reminders have been sent out to students who have not complied.

Please review the District Wellness Plan when choosing snacks for classroom celebrations. A list of Healthful Snack items can be found on Attachment B of the District Wellness Plan in the Health & Wellness Section of the District Website.

All current and future sixth graders are required to have a new updated physical and dental exam. These must be documented on the State of Illinois forms, which are available on the school website under ‘forms’ and from the school health office. ALL 6th graders will need to show proof of recent meningococcal conjugate vaccination (MCV). All 6th graders will be required to show proof of one dose received on or after 11 years of age. This vaccination will prevent your student from a severe form of bacterial meningitis as well as other illnesses caused by this bacterium. In addition to receiving the MCV, 6th-grade students need to provide proof of having one dose of Tdap and two doses of Varicella Vaccine. Please plan ahead and make appointments during the summer to have these done before school starts. Doctors get busy and usually have few appointments left for August. Students may be excluded from school if these are not completed and on file by October 15th of the 2019-2020 school year.

All 6/7/8 grade student-athletes are required to have a current sports physical on file BEFORE participating in tryouts. These exams are valid for one calendar year and need to be given to the coach or the nurse to have on file. Students will NOT be allowed to try out for an extra-curricular sport without a current sports physical.

An Online Health Survey needs to be completed for each student each school year- this can be completed during online registration. Students with asthma and/or allergies or other health concerns that may need to take medication at school should complete the appropriate action plan form which can be found online under ‘health updates’. This is for the safety and well being of each student while at school.

Medication authorization forms need to be completed EACH school year. If your student takes prescription medication at school, please contact your doctor to complete a new form over the summer. These are also available on the school website under ‘health updates’, or from the school health office.

Please remember to pick up all medication, prescription and over the counter, from the health office before the end of the year.

Please contact me with any questions.

Jenna Drobick, BSN, RN

815-838-0737, ext 1102.

4th and 5th Guidance

We are wrapping up our Second Step lessons and looking forward to the end of the school year! When we complete the Second Step curriculum, we will be talking about transitioning to the next grade and increased expectations as we grow. Since the transition to junior high can cause feelings of anxiety, we will have sixth-grade students talk with the fifth graders about what to expect in junior high and we will be answering any questions fifth-grade students may have. We will be practicing with some combination locks to ease some of the worries about managing their lockers. We will also talk about how to find things to keep us busy and how to be healthy and safe throughout the summer.

I have enjoyed working with your children this year in guidance classes. I hope your family has a wonderful and safe summer! If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the guidance program, please contact me. I would love to hear from you! I would also encourage you to visit my webpage to find out more about the Guidance program and other helpful information.

Kathi Henderson

Kelvin Grove Student Counselor/Social Worker


Phone: 815-838-0737 Ext 1132


4th Grade


  • Students will complete a novel study on The White Giraffe. Students should be re-reading the chapters at home for additional practice.

  • Students should be practicing spelling words for the tests on Wednesdays.



  • Students have been learning about plate tectonics.

Social Studies

  • Students have been learning about the regions of the United States.

Please check your child’s agenda, home folder, and teacher website daily.

4th Grade Technology Class- Mrs. Lakics

Students have been working hard in technology class to learn how to format documents using Google Docs. Students are learning how to change font size, style, color, etc.

-Mrs. Lakics

Technology Teacher


We are wrapping up the end of the year with a couple new units. The first unit will be handball, which is a fun team sports game with aspects of basketball and soccer. The second unit we will be exploring will be golf. The students will learn how to properly hold a golf club and explore hitting the balls into different targets. This should be a fun way to end the year!

5th Grade

We can’t believe the school year is almost over. It was so nice to see so many parents at the GREAT graduation. Officer S. always does such a nice job with the students.

May is a very busy month for us. Students will be completing an egg drop project; details to follow soon. In social studies we are well into learning about the Revolutionary War, and the events which led up to it. In reading we are finishing up our novel Maniac Magee. MAP testing is scheduled for April 23- May 3.

May 17 is our skating trip for students have no office referrals for the 3rd trimester. Please continue working with your child on basic multiplication and division facts. If you ever have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

-Fifth grade teachers

5th Grade Technology Class

Students have been working hard in technology class to learn how to format documents using Google Docs. Students are learning how to change font size, style, color, etc.

-Mrs. Lakics

Technology Teacher


We are wrapping up the end of the year with a couple new units. The first unit will be handball, which is a fun team sports game with aspects of basketball and soccer. The second unit we will be exploring will be golf. The students will learn how to properly hold a golf club and explore hitting the balls into different targets. This should be a fun way to end the year!

Jr. High CAD

In Science, we have studied atmosphere, clouds and landforms. We have been following weird holidays and celebrated pancake day, the invention of Coca-cola, Grilled Cheese Day and National Jelly Bean Day! In Math, we have reviewed perimeter, coins and telling time. Some worked on 2 digit multiplication and division with a calculator, while others worked on addition and subtraction. We have read non-fiction stories about natural disasters and an article about ESports. We have learned a lot!


LASEC Academy students will be working on a poetry unit. In Science, we are learning about Sound Waves. In Social Studies, we are going to be learning about the Constitution and our government, as well as completing a research project around current events. In Math, students will be learning about solving equations with one variable and two variables.

6th Grade Team

The sixth grade will be taking a field trip to Chicago on May 15th. Stops include a Chicago River tour on the Seadog and the Field Museum. Students will eat lunch on the boat, so make sure to bring a sack lunch to eat. This trip is outdoors so please dress appropriately for the weather. Please continue to check Parent Connect and the weekly team emails for assignments, tests, and quizzes as we move toward the end of the school year.

Technology Class

Students in 6th grade technology class have been learning about staying safe online with a digital citizenship lesson- Don’t Fall for Fake. At the end of the lesson students tested their knowledge by playing an interactive game called Reality River on Interland.

-Mrs. Lakics

Technology Teacher


We are going to just be finishing up our skating unit in PE for the 6th/7th and 8th grade students and will be heading into our volleyball unit for them. We will still have workout wednesdays which will consist of outside stations and utilizing the workout room.

7th Grade Team

In math, we will be ending the year with our study of probability. This is a particularly fun unit, as we study games and the likelihood of winning them.

In Science, we are ending the year with learning about the competition, interactions & relationships within an Ecosystem. We will have a variety of experiences to learn about this topic. We will watch videos, read articles, and complete interactive labs to experience this interesting topic.

In Social Studies, we are ending the year focusing on the Civil War.

In ELA, we will finish the year with the novel study on The Giver by Lois Lowry, reading different forms of poetry and working on some short science fiction stories.

Technology Class

Students in 7th grade technology class have been learning about technology innovators and creating a Powtoon animation presentation. Students selected influential technology names like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Grace Hopper, etc.

-Mrs. Lakics

Technology Teacher


We are going to just be finishing up our skating unit in PE for the 6th/7th and 8th grade students and will be heading into our volleyball unit for them. We will still have workout wednesdays which will consist of outside stations and utilizing the workout room

8th Grade Team

May Newsletter 2018-2019

Eighth Grade Team



Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop:

Journal writing is done on a regular basis. Vocabulary study continues with the online Sadlier Connect program. Study guides are given for each unit test, so make sure that your child has completed the study guide and is using it to prepare for the final test.

SOCIAL STUDIES - Discovery Education

Online Textbook:

United States History (Civil War to Present)

Students will be examining the civil rights movement, focusing on the Supreme Court decision that overturned school segregation, the Montgomery bus boycott, and African Americans’ struggle for voting rights. Students will also explore the developments that lead to U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

SCIENCE -StemScopes

Online Textbook: (login with school email and password)

Students will be researching the causes and effects of air pollution as well as the differences between primary and secondary pollutants, acid precipitation, and the ozone hole. Students will also be having discussions about reducing air pollution.

MATH - Go Math

Online Textbook: (login with school email and password)

During May, we will be working on various sections in Unit 6, Probability and Statistics. Applicable lessons will be selected to ensure that students are prepared for their Freshman Year of Math in this area of content.

8th Grade Technology

Students in 8th grade technology class have been learning how to compose a resume in Google Docs to use for future jobs. Students are now getting ready to do research for different technology careers and will be creating a Google Site to present their information.

-Mrs. Lakics, Technology Teacher


We are going to just be finishing up our skating unit in PE for the 6th/7th and 8th grade students and will be heading into our volleyball unit for them. We will still have workout wednesdays which will consist of outside stations and utilizing the workout room

Art News

Currently, our Kelvin Grove artists are working on the following projects:

Fourth and Fifth grade students are progressing from painting to ceramic sculpture through the month of May. Students are learning two new techniques of handbuilding to create clay vessels. Sixth through eighth grade students have been working on painting projects using Modern, Abstract, Contemporary, Non-Objective and Pop Art as inspiration. We have also experimented with plaster craft coupled with creative writing. Students will soon progress to ceramic sculpture within the final weeks ahead.

FINAL Art Club Meetings in May:

May 1, 2019

May 8, 2019

Thank you to all students, parents, teachers, administration and staff for all your support of the arts throughout the year. It is with your patience and understanding that all our special projects and all good things in art are possible. -Mrs. Cravens


Director: Mrs. Plagman

What a great year it has been for the Kelvin Grove Bands! I want to congratulate all the bands on a wonderful year of making music. Each and every person in the band has improved as a player and a musician. I am proud of all the band students. I am looking forward to a wonderful concert on Wednesday, May 8 at the Band Recognition Concert at 7:00pm. The beginners have come so far since those first lessons when we learned how to put together the instruments and make the first sounds. The Intermediate Band has made great strides this year both technically and musically. Finally, Concert Band has had a successful year making strides in intonation, dynamics, and musicianship. They received a Division I rating at IGSMA District Festival, had a great performance at the Prairie State Middle School Band Festival and received many fine comments at the IGSMA State Festival. It has been an enjoyable year making music with everyone. Thank you!

All bands will still have rehearsals and lessons until the end of the school year. Please check the End of the Year Schedule that came home the week of April 22 or it can be found on the website for specifics.

The band’s final performance of the year will be at graduation on Tuesday, May 28 at LTHS east campus. All Intermediate and Concert Band members will be performing at graduation. More information about rehearsals and the performance will be coming home the week of May 13.

On a fundraising note, thank you so much to all the students and parents that participated throughout the year on one or more of the fundraisers.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at (815)838-0737 x1139 or

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for all your support and commitment to the band program at Kelvin Grove. I think it was another good year and I am looking forward to an outstanding year next year. Have a great summer and PRACTICE!!!!!!!



I would like to extend my best wishes to all the 2019 Kelvin Grove graduates as they begin their journey in high school. It has been my privilege to watch you grow into the amazing young people you have become. Good luck to each of you!

~Mrs. B


"Did you know? Reading just 20 minutes a day exposes your child to about 1.8 million words per year. Reading helps students develop a stronger vocabulary, and in addition, students who read for pleasure average higher grades in English, mathematics, science, and history!"

Source Credit: Scholastic

Findings from a Scholastic study shows that 91% of kids ages 6-17 say their “favorite books are the ones that I have picked out myself.” What’s the moral of THIS story? Let kids choose what they want to read for recreational reading: the results will surprise you!


Thank you, Kelvin Grove students! Once again, you made it a GREAT school year and we continued to break our own standing circulation records! From centers and SSR and "FREEDOM to CHOOSE" via independent reading, we had a great year! We discovered camping and the night sky through StarLab and created snowflakes and green screen creations and stop-motion animation -- AND we still managed to find time to enhance library skills and work on ramping up our recreational reading. From an hour of code and author connections to poems in our pockets and Guinness World Record attempts, we explored and created and investigated — and even snuck in those fun Illinois Learning Standards, too! Check out #KGLRC on Twitter and see what we've been up to this year! #Read91


Be sure to check the D91 website and Twitter, too! KG LRC remains open for book circulation this summer. We are partnering with White Oak Library and offerring summer reading rewards for ALL Kelvin Grove students.


Stay connected to the Kelvin Grove Learning Resource Center ALL SUMMER LONG, too:

Twitter: @cyberlibrary


Contact Mrs. Bruemmer