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"I don’t care if you are a good mathematician, or a good athletic, or not good at anything. That you think. But I am gonna come and tell you that you are awesome the way you are" – Nick Vujicic

Good Afternoon,

Isn't this the BEST time of year! A season of giving! But what are we giving our students, staff, and parents. Our students are not best, our staff is not the best, and our parents are not the best. But lets not lower our EXPECTATIONS, LETS keep them high! Our job is to teach and educate! That means our students, staff and parents. We have to have the Faith to believe that we can facilitate the change in our students, staff and parents. Our students, parents and staff make mistakes, but we cant hold their mistakes over their head for years to come. We have to educate them on the how to become better students, parents and staff members. I grew up in adoption and foster care, but I was blessed to have an opportunity to have a woman/village that took the time and taught me how to be a young gentleman. Lets take the time to instill those same values we learned as children and throughout our lives to our Bluford Family

Shout Out to STEM Girls, Ms. Powers, Ms. Walker, Ms Ferguson and Ms Bass! STEM Girls had their first Zumba Class with Ms. Walker, last Thursday! The STEM Girls throughly enjoyed themselves. Way to go STEM Girls and Bluford Ladies.

Shout Out to Student Council and Miss Littlejohn! Student Council and Miss Littlejohn made Christmas Cards last Thursday for Hospital Patients! This can be a difficult time of year for many people.. Way to go Miss. Littlejohn and Student Council!

Shout Out to Mrs. Naomi Donnell! Mrs. Donnell is our Testing Coordinator ! Mrs. Donnell led a successful testing session with our Bluford 3-5 Students. Way to go Mrs. Donnell!

Shout Out to Miss. Copeland! Miss. Copeland has been grading, planning and even doing Parent Teacher Conferences for both 5th Classes. One Class is hard enough, but both can be a taunting task. You see Miss. Copeland run a copy or ask her is she needs help! Way to go Miss. Copeland!

Shout OUT to Math Club, Mr. Price, Miss Littlejohn and Miss. Bass! Math Club is starting up at Bluford STEM Academy! Now that is Awesome! Way to go Math Club, Mr. Price, Miss Littlejohn and Miss. Bass!

Shout OUT to our STEM employee of the Month Ms. Dawn Humphrey! Mrs. Humphrey goes above and beyond each and every day! We certainly miss her when she is not here at Bluford! Way to go Ms. Dawn Humphrey!

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