By: Ashley Olivencia

Backround and Autocrat

In 527 Justinian came into throne. He had served as a good general and was well trained in law, music, Architecture, and theology. He was aruler of all he had authority for everything including navy, armies, laws, even Church. Justinian could make peace or make war. He was not to be questioned and people were to bow and kiss his feet.


Theodora and her family were really poor and she worked as an actress before meeting Justinian. It was wrong for actresses to marry highers classes than what she was so Justinian abolished the law and married her. She got into politics and was now helping Justinian make church and gov. filled. She made more women rights and organized a revolt against high taxes. Poor and rich people were not happy and were about to crown a new emporer but Theodora urged him to fight so he captured the rebels and killed them.

Hagia Sophia

To restore Roman glory he started rebuilding a lot of things. one of these greatest was Hagia Sophia which means "Holy Wisdom". This caused King Solomon to rebuild his temple in Jerusalem to be rebuilt and he was content with this beautiful golden\silk church.

Justinian's Code

Because of the expansion inthe city he arranged a commision to collect, revise, and organize all the laws of ancient Rome. This was his code!

Womens Rights

Theordora urged him to make more womens rights. Women were now allowed to own land equal to her dowry. Also a widow was now allowed to raise a child on her own.

Economic and Military strength

Governemnt was the strength of the empire. They preserved a healthy money income. They also built a strong protection military with soldiers ships and sailors. Also created a new weapon called Greek fire.

Differences betweeen East and West

Back in the west priest were the ruler of the church now in the East the emporor is the ruler of everything. Also in the East people celebrated the day Jesus rose in the church but now they give less emphasis on Christmas for Jesus.

Great Schism

A split between eastern and western christianity.

Art & Learning

People made unique contributions of art to religon. They gave the veiwers a sense of being with the sacred. Scholars taught in schools and people learned the classic works of ancient Rome and Greece.