Women during The American Civil War

By Annette Lopez


The American Civil War started between the Union and Confederate by a disagreement over free or slave states. A meeting was held at the Constitutional convection where they agreed in the U.S Constitution. Many people have thought that the Constitution ignored the right for other states to be independent and after that many laws had past. Which caused war to begin and that's when women came along. Women didn't want to feel helpless and start to volunteered to nurse the wounded in the battle field, spy on their enemy and women were brave enough to disguise themselves and fight in the battle.

Precursor Events in The American Civil War

Missouri Compromise (1820)

The Missouri Compromise was proposed by Henry Clay that allowed Missouri and Maine to enter the Union and to help balance free and slave states. Only slavery was allowed from the territory acquired in the Louisiana Purchase.

Kansas-Nebraska Act

Kansas-Nebraska Act was a law that was passed by the U.S Congress. This law allowed people in the territories of Kansas and Nebraska and decide for themselves if slavery should be allowed within their borders.

The Dred Scott Decision

The Dred Scott Decision was a case of an enslaved African American who sued for this freedom because he once lived in free territory. But still the Supreme Court still refused what he was asking and claimed he was still a slaved.

Fugitive Slave Act

Fugitive Slave act was passed by the U.S Congress. This act allowed all citizens to help catch runaway slaves and authorized to return to their owners. If citizens aid any fugitive slaves they would be fined up to $1,000 or put in prison.

Individual women soldiers


“Daughter of the Regiment” was a group who came along with armies. Women would join the “Daughter of the Regiment” to cook, repair uniforms and some women in the group fought as men in the battle.

"True womanhood" was a group of women who had join from both sides Union and Confederate and volunteered as nurses.

Resources and techniques for women in American Civil War

Women for their jobs need quite specific materials and ways to not get notice. Women soldiers disguised themselves, would also wear bigger uniforms to not be noticeable and given muskets. They were often discovered wounded or among dead bodies. Nurses take care of the wounded in the battle field. They would help giving out water, food and any medicine in field hospitals. They wouldn't have many tools to help but they tried their best on what they could do. Women spies would usually hide information under or attached ton their clothing. Back than soldiers wouldn't usually see women doing dangerous jobs and they looked non-threatening to them.