Sharpening Concentration and Focus

Study Skills

Control your Surroundings

Don't have your TV on with your favorite show while your favorite band is playing on your stereo and you are playing on your cell phone. All while you are trying to sit down and get work done. Cut out those distractions.

The Brain

Your brain is just like a muscle and needs to be built up to work better. Things like meditation where you control your breathing can assist in training your brain.

Get Your Rest

Focus is at its lowest when you are tired. Make sure to get plenty of rest to have maximum focus.

Set Goals

Clarify what you are getting done and what you want completed by the time you are done working.


Put a deadline of when you want to be complete with what you are doing. A lot of times this helps you concentrate more on what you are doing and speed up the process.


Sometimes when all else fails you need to just get away from everything to be able to clear your mind and have complete focus.
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