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When Valentine's Really Delivered

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Happy Sunday Patriots,

If you didn't get a chance to get out and soak in some of the sneak peek of Spring sun today, then I hope you take a chance to get outside during lunch this week and enjoy the above freezing weather.

As we head into the week before Valentine's Day, I was reflecting on how the last two years have handed all of us some of the most unexpected experiences. Many of those experiences have been heartbreaking, while others have been surprisingly breathtaking. I then got thinking since we have been on this journey together for the last year and a half, I suppose it is time to share with you the time that Valentine's Day changed for both me and my family forever.

17 years ago, long before I made a career switch into education, I was very pregnant with our third child and decided that it would be a perfect time to buy a flower shop and expand my business. Shortly after Thanksgiving of that year, I took over the business, and although very tired and plump, got to work on cleaning out the shop and preparing for the next big holidays which in the floral world are Christmas and the mother of holidays...Valentines Day.

In between all of the hustle and bustle of taking over a new business, I was also in the last few months of my pregnancy. At my December checkup appointment, my doctor lovingly and with little cupid-like eyes, informed me that she was fairly confident that I would be delivering on Valentine's Day. Now for the normal human, this would be the sweetest and most heart-melting news of all time. I mean really, is there any better Valentine's gift than a squishy blue-eyed little baby. I remember feeling all of the color drain from my face and looking around the room to see if there was a camera to film what was obviously a terribly cruel prank. When scanning the room produced no cameras and the smile on my Doctor's face was not fading, I immediately realized I was in trouble.

I spent the next 15 minutes explaining why I could not have a baby on Valentine's Day. The explaining hyped up to rapid-fire rambling, and then quickly progressed to sobbing, as I tried to convince her of all of the reasons that she needed to make sure that I had this baby BEFORE Valentines Day. In her loving and calming way, she simply responded with: "Oh, Awbree...almost nobody has their babies right on their due dates. I am sure it will be just fine."

I left knowing I was in for a category five hurricane mess.

Fast forward to February 13th. There I was, along with my mom, five employees, and hundreds of orders to be designed and organized for delivery the next day. For those of you that have never worked in a flower shop during Valentine's, it is about two solid weeks of 60+ hours a week, and it is rare that you have time to sit down for a break or even slow down enough to snag a bite of a life-saving peanut butter and honey sandwich.

I remember the moment like it was yesterday. It was about 7:00 PM, I was designing a dozen roses, across the table from my mom, and since this was my third baby, there was no question that I was starting to have contractions. Knowing that we had at least 50 more orders to complete, I decided that I was going to ignore said contractions, not say a word about what was going on, and just keep working. This tactic worked for about an hour until my mom who was designing across the table from me asked me what was wrong. To which I answered in a crankier than normal tone, "Nothing, I am just nine months pregnant and tired, don't I have the right to be uncomfortable?!" To which she answered, looking at me with her all-knowing mom eyes, "Not every five minutes you don't."

I waved her off and decided I would take a break for a second and go and take the money out of the register and deposit it in the safe which was located on the floor in the office. My top-secret plan was working perfectly... That was until, after depositing the money, I couldn't get off of the floor. Not wanting anyone to see this small dilemma, I did what any rational thinking, nine months pregnant adult would do, and Army-crawled into the other room where no one could see me on the floor buying some time to get the pain under control and get back to work.

As I laid face down on the floor feeling very proud of myself for fooling everyone, I was gently tapped on the shoulder. When I looked up I saw Mr. Summers looking at me like a parent looking at a teenager trying to sneak back into the house way after the approved curfew. I sheepishly smiled and asked him what he was doing at the shop. He sternly informed me that we were going to the hospital. To which I explained to him that I was just fine, and was just taking a minute to stretch and rest. My explanation was cut off short as he shared that my mom just called him to tell ask him to get down to the flower shop because she knew I was in labor and I was under the delusion that by army crawling, at nine months pregnant, on the floor, I would be able to go unnoticed by everyone.

I then informed him that this was my first Valentine's Day as a flower shop owner, and I was not leaving the team here alone. This was followed by Mr. Summers lovingly scooping me up under my armpits to start moving me to the car. Like a lunatic, I was kicking and screaming insane things like, "I am not leaving!!!" and "I can control when I have a baby!"

Fifteen minutes later, we were in the hospital being checked into Labor and Delivery. The nurse confirmed my worst nightmare: I was in labor. To which I answered, "GREAT!!! Can I please go back to work for a few hours?" She replied with a giggle: " Ummmm no, but you can push this wheelchair around the hospital for an hour and we will see where you are at after that." As you can imagine, this sent me into a fiery rage, so in an effort to prove everyone wrong, I asked Mr. Summers to sit in the wheelchair, and then with a look of level ten defiance, I stared the nurse down while I stomped off pushing my husband around the hospital like an angry toddler that was just informed it is time to get ready for bed.

Move the clock to an hour later, and I triumphantly walked back into the hospital room knowing full well that I was about to show that nurse and the entire hospital staff who was really in charge. As you can imagine, this was not to be the case. I was informed that would be having a baby tonight, and would not be able to go back to work. Sure enough, just after midnight, on Valentine's Day, our beautiful third son, Joseph, was born. After I sent everyone back to the flower shop, I remember looking at Joe, laughing, and saying, "This is how you are going to roll for the rest of your life isn't it?"

Valentines Day came and went. As expected, the new staff and my amazing but inexperienced family members did the best that they could. Many tears were shed, and in the end, about $10,000 dollars was lost due to overbuying and not being able to complete and deliver many of the orders. For a new business, this was a huge hit that took many months to rebound from.

At that moment, life was hard and at times seemed even impossible, but 17 years later, I can honestly say I wouldn't change a single thing. That beautiful boy has taught me so many lessons about patience, the power of laughter, and how little control we actually have over anything in this life. He is the absolute light of our family.

Patriots, I want you to know that no matter how difficult the road looks if you can approach your troubles with patience, laughter, and love, there isn't anything that you won't be able to get through. Furthermore, I would challenge you to reframe your difficult times as nothing but opportunities for growth and learning. Every single one of you is going to experience something even harder than the last two years have been, and I want you to know, that YOU are strong enough to get through and grow from any unexpected surprise that life throws at you.

It is an absolute honor to get to be part of your lives during the three short years you are at the Junior High.

As always Patriots...

You are loved!

Mrs. Summers

Mrs. Turley

Mr. Hawkins

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If You Know Someone That Would Make A Great Patriot, NOW Is The Time To Apply!

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The 22-23 lottery for newly enrolling students for next school year is running on Thursday 2/10/22 and all open slots based on currently enrolled students who said they are not returning to Providence Hall next school year will be immediately filled. So, if you told us your student would not be returning to Providence Hall next school year (22-23) but now you want your student to return to Providence Hall then you need to complete a NEW Enrollment Intent Google Form to let us know your change of plans before Wednesday 2/9/22!

Families of current students do NOT need to complete open enrollment. On January 8 you will receive information via Skyward on how to confirm your child's enrollment for the 2022-23 school year.

Congratulations to our Patriots PRIDE Students of the Month

Our Patriots are doing some AMAZING things here at PHJH and we wanted to take a moment to share with you who has been nominated as our Patriot PRIDE winners this month. These students have been nominated by other students for being examples of the values we believe in here at PHJH. Congratulations Patriots!

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What is happening in Ms. Shelmans class???

In 8th Grade science, we have been talking about waves both mechanical and light waves. Music is just a conglomeration of different waves played in a certain pattern. To demonstrate this concept we played boomwhackers in class. Each boomwhacker is a certain note and each student had two notes they got to play. When you put all these different types of waves we get music. Sound is a mechanical wave.

To demonstrate light waves we talk about the electromagnetic spectrum. We used refraction glasses to split white light into a rainbow. The first one is normal the rainbow one is what it looks like through the glasses!

Vote on Which Socks Get Added To The PBIS Store!!!

Hey Patriots,

We have a great opportunity to add some custom PHJH socks to the PBIS student store.

We would like YOU to pick which ones get put in the store. Please complete the form below with your vote for the top three.

Now Hiring At Providence Hall

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Did You Know PHJH Now Has A Peer Tutoring Program?

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Providence Hall Patriot Pathways

Peer tutoring is a new program that has been in place this year at Providence Hall. This program is a chance for students to work in the special education setting and with students who have disabilities. Since the beginning of the year, this program has blossomed and all students are learning new and amazing things all while developing new friendships. These students learn how to work in different environments with different subjects ranging from core academics, electives such as intro to dance, and functional skills which can include cooking basic recipes. We hope to continue seeing this program flood with students and watch more friendships build and create the community feeling in the building that Providence Hall creates and strives for every single day.

CODE Phrase: Cool Beans

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Patriots, it is very important that you stay informed. If you have read this far in the newsletter, then you have found the code word. Email this code word to Mrs. Summers to be put in a drawing for a chance to win a weekly prize! (The email has to be from your student email.)

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Girl's Basketball Is ON FIRE!!!

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Below is the Girl's Basketball schedule. You can also find the schedule on the PHJH App with one click of a button. If you have time, come out and support our girls. They are on fire this year, and love to hear the crowd!!! You will also get the special treat of getting to see our PHJH Dance team perform during home game half times.
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Due To The COVID Closure We Had To Move The Dance To March 11th From 6:00-8:00

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Hey 6th Graders...Get Excited, It Is Time To Get Your 7th Grade Vaccinations

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A Wise Word From Our Amazing Nurse Mrs. Ponce


This is just a friendly reminder that your 6th-grade students will need to receive some updated immunizations prior to entering the 7th grade. So as you are making your way to their well-child checks with their doctors, just be aware they will need 2 or 3 immunizations. They will need a dose of Tdap (tetanus-diptheria-pertussis), and Meningococcal. And if they haven't already received it, they'll need a 2nd dose of Varicella (chickenpox). They will not be able to attend classes next year until their immunizations are updated. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks so much

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