Sneak Peek

Miss Roberts * Stoy School * Novemer 16th & 23rd


This week, we will review Unit 1. There are different kinds of communities, and celebrate all that we have learned the past five weeks. Each main selection reading will be displayed and the students will have an opportunity to share their favorites. We will review the many skills and strategies taught during the Unit. Throughout the next several days, each child will complete the unit assessments. I will use the results to help drive instruction and smaller group strategy lessons.

The students will read several fun and festive Thanksgiving-themed books and will participate in a Reader's Theater based on the read aloud Thanksgiving at the Tappleton's.

We will begin our Nonfiction writing lessons. They will be introduced to the visual and text features of nonfiction books and begin to understand that they signal Importance. Using model texts, the students will recognize that visual and text features have purpose. The students will then create a reference book of text and visual features


Lesson 3-4: Playing "Salute"
  • Use <, >, = to compare numbers
  • Record as many names as they can for 16
  • Practice adding and finding missing numbers; Salute My Reference Book 162-163
  • Practice with Fact Triangles
  • Vocabulary: equivalent names, missing addend

Lesson 3-5: Subtraction Strategies: Counting Up and Counting Back

  • Solve subtraction number stories
  • Practice Salute & discuss strategies
  • learn and and use the counting-up and counting-back strategies for subtraction and discuss when each one is more efficient
  • Vocabulary: counting back, counting up
Lesson 3-6: - 0 and - 1 Fact Strategies and Subtraction Top-It
  • Compare numbers with <, >, =
  • Count up and back to subtract
  • Sharing strategies to subtract
  • Develop rules for - 0 and - 1 facts
  • Play subtraction Top-It
  • Vocabulary: - 0 facts, - 1 facts, difference
Lesson 3-7: "What's My Rule"
  • Solve addition problem with Ten Frames
  • Solving number stories
  • Find rules and missing numbers for tables
  • Complete "What's My Rule?" table
  • Vocabulary: "What's My Rule?", function machine, input, output

Lesson 3-8: Using Doubles to Subtract

  • Solve subtraction number stories
  • Apply knowledge of doubles to solve a subtraction story
  • Use doubles helper facts to solve subtraction facts
  • Practice addition and subtraction facts with Fact Triangles
  • Vocabulary: think addition strategy, related facts
Lesson 3-9: Going-Back-Through-10 Strategy for Subtraction
  • Find distances between numbers on a number grid
  • Write a number model for subtraction story
  • Develop a subtraction strategy that uses 10 as a benchmark
  • Use the going-back-through-10 subtraction strategy
  • Solve subtraction stories using various strategies
  • Vocabulary: friendly number, going back through 10

Social Studies

We will have few skill lessons to finish up Unit 2. The students will complete a review for the unit on Thursday and have the test on Monday, November 23rd.


Aidan Cummings
November 22nd


  • November 17th - Football Spirit Day & Pretzel Sale
  • November 23rd - Unit 2 Social Studies Test
  • November 24th - PTA sponsored Cultural Arts field trip for 3rd, 4th, 5th Grades - LUNCH PUSHED BACK TO 12:30; Bring a snack
  • November 25th- ½ day: Bring a snack