News From Mrs. C

Our class news for the week of Nov. 11th-15th

Tidbits From the Teacher

Oh Wow!

Our PBL Showcase was a S-U-C-C-E-S-S!!! Thank you to everyone who was able to come by and look at multiple exhibits. The kids were so nervous and excited about educating the public about Round Rock landmarks but once we started, they were professionals. There is no way we could have accomplished this without the help of so many parent volunteers. A giant thank you to : Annette, Kim, Anjanette, Neelima, Jeanne, Kris, Steve, Ellen, and Karen!! Extra big Thank You's go to Annette for bringing us Lone Star donuts, cookies and juice. We needed a pick me up after all of that talking!!! If I left out your name, please forgive me and send me an email. I will quickly rectify my error!!

On another note, we are happy to welcome a new member to our family this week! Michael is joining us. We are very excited to have him with us.

Things to Do/Remember:

1. Remember that Homework is removed from the website every Friday afternoon unless I'm absent.

4. You'll need a background check for volunteering & field trips: RRISD Volunteer Link

5. Have your child join the Birthday Book Club. It's on the librarian's page but here's a quicker way to get there: Birthday Book Club Link

Class Wish List

Thank you for the Lysol wipes! We are well stocked for now.

-batteries for our flashlights (sizes D, ESPECIALLY AAA, AA)

-gift cards to Target or Wal-Mart (used for classroom supplies and prizes)

-any books (picture or chapter) that you are no longer reading at home

-one copy each of Jon Klassen's I Want My Hat Back or This Is Not My Hat

Dates to Remember

Nov. 27th-29th: No School-Thanksgiving Holidays

What We'll Be Learning...

Math- We will use this week to work on our money menus and other math tasks that took a backseat last week during our flurry to prepare for our PBL showcase.

Science- We will be comparing the changes in materials caused by heating and cooling this week. We'll study the physical properties of materials as they change due to mixing or melting. This will be fun because we'll use everyday items to think about heat as more than a way to cook our food or keep us warm.

Writing- We are going to have a lot of fun with our new unit of study! We're going to be listening to authors and trying our hand at creating Imagined Stories. This is the unit that students really LOVE trying!! We'll use all of our knowledge about story elements and character studies to create our own fiction stories.

Reading- We are going to play catch up this week. We'll finish our study of TAP (topic, audience, purpose) for readers. We'll complete our non-fiction features search and then spend more time with media literacy. We'll learn about the different purposes of media. The perfect unit before the holiday season rolls in!

Spelling/Handwriting- We will go back into formal word study and handwriting times. We'll revisit spelling expectations this week as a group and then continue work in groups based upon spelling needs.

Our Week in Pictures