Political Ideology

By: Taylor Tutkowski

"Next Generation Left" Quiz #1

If you look at this visual you can see that I am siding towards the "Next Generation Left" Category. This means that I am just leaning towards the left side of the political spectrum when it comes to the general public versus me.

Libertarian- 77% Quiz #2

This quiz shows that I certainly lean towards the left side of the political spectrum, but although I agreed with 77% of the left side's issues, I also agreed with 67% of the conservative ideas. I think that this means that I am a moderate that leans towards the left hand side, and I would still likely identify myself as a democrat.

Democrat- 92% Quiz #3

This quiz shows how much I agree with certain groups. According to this quiz, I agree the most with the democrats ideas and also with the "green party" ideas. I think I do accurately side with the green party because I agree with their ideas on environmental issues and educational issues. I think it's interesting that I score much lower on social issues, I think it's because I'm only educated on ideas that were asked for the democrat party.