The Pact

Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt


As teenage boys growing up on the tough inner-city streets of Newark, New Jersey these three kindred spirits made a pact: they would stick together-go to college-graduate-and become doctors. Surrounded by negative influences and having few positive role models made this a not so easy feat. Now many years later, these three men have overcome countless obstacles and proudly bear the subtitle of doctor, serving as the face of health and education for youth and families across our country.
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Journal 3: Adversity

Define adversity. Facing adversity is not always about success. Sometimes failure is the adversity a person has to face. Discuss a time you have faced adversity. In what ways were you able to overcome the obstacle, or did you not succeed? What is/are the most important factor(s) in overcoming adversity? (i.e. individual determination, education, community or parental support, etc.). Why? What life lessons did you learn from facing such difficulty?

The Pact Reading Analysis Questions