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Gregorian Chant has long been known to be a beautiful and popular music genre in Christian and Catholic circles. In more recent years it's been more popularized by some of the biggest names in the music production world.

Gregorian Chant also has a rich history. While most people associated with Pope St. Gregory I, this is likely just a myth and more scholars think that the invention of chant pre dates even it's namesake.

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Gregorian Chant and Chants of Carmels by gregorianchant

What is Gregorian Chant?

Gregorian Chant is more of a mystical form of music. It's meant to reach the depth of one's heart and soul. This is one reason that it has such a spiritual connection to so many people. It has long brought peace to many. It is also studied by most music majors as an significant part of music's history.

You may also know Gregorian Chant by plainchant, plainsong or simply chant. There are three different types of Gregorian Chant: simple, complex, and melismatic or complex for the proper mass.

Calming Gregorian Chant Music

Gregorian Chants at 432Hz | 3 Hours of Healing Music
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