In order for AIESEC Mexico to contribute towards building a better country, we recognized the importance of aligning our projects to the Global Goals created by the UN. The objective of this project is to encourage children in a culture of personal development and growth in the educational, cultural and social scopes through impartation of workshops, activities related with the topics of the global issues.

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• Multiculturalism
• Gender Equality
• Good Health
• Peace and Justice
• Life Below Water/Life on Land
• Climate Action


Job description

  • The inter will make workshops, conferences, presentations and other activities to develop each topic attractively for children, developing their social, artistic and teamwork abilities.
  • The culmination of each item (on Friday), there will be a "big game" (artistic and / or sporting activity, recreational) that integrates all the elements learned by children.
  • Participate in activities with the kids and the Local Committee (sometimes on weekends).
  • You will participate in a Global Village, so you must bring all the things you love about your country (food, souvenirs, clothes, typical drink, flag and a cultural PPT).
  • You will work 5 hours per day (Monday to Friday), between 9:00 to 13:00
  • You will work with kids between 7-12 years old


  • Accommodation at Host Family.
  • 2 meals per day at home.
  • Incoming Preparation Seminar
  • Trainee Buddy
  • Study tours
  • Global Village participation


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Culiacan is a city located in a state of México called Sinaloa. It's a city with beautiful sunsets, delicious food and warm people.

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Because we are so much more... ¡VIVA MÉXICO!
Culiacán, ¡Seguro Regresas! 2013

Come to AIESEC in Sinaloa and live the experience of a lifetime.


MARIANA GAXIOLA-Vice President of Incoming Social Exchanges

proyectos.sin@aiesec.org.mx +52 1 667 239 0714

KARINA LOPEZ-Project coordinator

karina.lopez1@aiesec.net +52 1 667 194 9803

ALEXIS VILLANUEVA-Match coordinator

alexis.villanueva@aiesec.net +52 1 667 235 4451

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