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Germany is a contrey in Europe were they have the second largest population in Europe
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Germany facts

Germany has the second largest people rate in Europe. The weather is 7 degrees and the climate is cool and cold the high is 7 and the low is 3. most people live in Berlin because it is the capital of Germany and the peace monument is there.

Germany goverment

There government type is federal republic the leader is Joachim Gauck law making body is intentional law organisation it is a limited government it is like us rights and responsibility.


the currency is euro the us 1.11 and Germany is 1 the imports are machinery and data prosesers the exports are moter veichals and machinery the gdp is 47,400 a wealthy Contrery because they have one of the highest gdp per capital

social and ethnic

ethnic groups are geman and turkish education is 5% literacy rate German i could draw a conrey with tons of people there is polish and Russian geman is the best ethnic groupe and theres no conflict.

religion language county

languages German danish religion protistint and roman catholic the flag colors mean a black eagle with a red beak and gold claws

holidays food clothing

Oktoberfest Christa for crusification the pictors are below the clothing is tracht and the food is bratwurst