Sociological Imagination Project

Rape On College Campus

This article is the effects rape has on a girl. After Jackie got raped, she was completely devastated. She couldn’t handle the horrors of what happened to her. The people surrounding her weren’t concerned about it, especially her school, and she even bought a rope to hang herself with at one point. Rape is such a damaging thing, and that is what this article is trying to point out. although it is terrifying at first, every girl who is raped should defend themselves and take action. They need to speak up and realize that what they went through should be addressed and handled the right way. Boys are barbaric and any boy who rapes a girl deserves misery. No girl should ever be placed in a situation where they are about to get sexually assaulted, and if they do, than they must inform someone.

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Reputation Over What Is Right

Another main point is some people believe that it is more important to keep a clean reputation rather than to face and fix an issue. Rape is clearly a problem on the UVA campus, yet all the administration seemed to care about is how they look on the outside. They would rather pretend that this rape problem isn’t happening just so they appear to be a normal functioning school. Why in the world is UVA so wrapped up in trying to maintain a positive reputation when chaos is striking all around the campus. Girls are getting raped and mistreated and the school isn’t doing anything about it? How twisted of them to think raping girls is something that should be avoided. Creating the student run sexual assault organization “One Less” could be a very proactive thing for the school, as well as help rape victims recover after a traumatizing incident.

The Idea of Empathy

Why are guys in fraternities more likely to rape girls than other guys are? Of course they are the ones who usually host the parties, but that doesn’t give them an excuse to do what ever the heck they want. Apparently frat guys are three times more likely to commit rape, which is completely sickening. If guys are going to be in a fraternity, they should learn how to behave themselves and how to treat girls, especially in a physical way. The fact that seven guys raped Jackie all at once is very challenging to imagine. The pain that she went through couldn’t be beard, and no one seemed to take the time to notice what she was going through, which made the situation even worse.

The Sociological Imagination

I don't believe that rape is ever ok. I try to understand the boys and schools perspective, but the fact that these boys are raping these girls and the school is disregarding it absolutely devastates me.
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