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Until now, the standard of online gaming offered to the consumer market has surpassed the digital equivalent in schools. To address this, Planet Sherston's content is now wrapped up in a virtual world that keeps pupils coming back to learn by rewarding attainment and performance using scores, ranks, credits and other gaming features.

Planet Sherston provides a task manager that allows teachers to create lessons from the bank of activities and assign work to pupils. Assessment tools monitor pupils’ work and link their progress directly to the curriculum, saving teacher time. The forthcoming iPad app will also bring the ability to manage creative lessons – incorporating audio, video, sketches and more!

Whether you already subscribe to an online solution or not, there's never been a better opportunity to see what else is available. With Planet Sherston, there are thousands of curriculum mapped online games, videos and activities for ICT, Maths, English, Science and Humanities. A full subscription gives you 24/7 access with no extra charge for pupil use at home. We are confident you won't find a better quality and value offering anywhere!

Working in partnership with...

Young Testers Academy

Planet Sherston is now available with via our partnership with Webanywhere on their Learnanywhere Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for primary schools. To see what young learners actually thought of Planet Sherston, Webanywhere held their first Young Testers Academy where school children have the opportunity to try out Webanywhere-associated products. The six children who took part loved the fact that Planet Sherston is full of great game-based activities. Of course, whilst playing these games they were actually learning!

See Planet Sherston being tested by KS1 and KS2 children – click here to watch the video.

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