April Student Services Newsletter

4/17 is Founders' Day!

Each year, we host Jefferson Chamber Foundation Academy’s Founders’ Day. On this day, we celebrate JCFA’s initial charter approval which allowed to open our first campus in 2010. On Thursday, April 17th, we will join with JCFA on the West Bank Campus for a crawfish boil for Founders' Day.

We will have a shortened school day on Thursday, April 17th:

  • 9:00am - 11:00am Class Periods 1-3
  • 11:00am Buses leave the East Bank Campus to transport JCFA-East students to the West Bank Campus for the Founders' Day Celebration. (Students who choose not to attend the celebration will be dismissed from campus at 11am. Students MUST be picked up at 11am if they are not attending the Founders' Day celebration.)
  • 12:30pm Buses leave West Bank campus to transport JCFA-East students back to the East Bank Campus for dismissal.
  • 1:00pm Dismissal for students who attended the Founders' Day celebration. Students will be dismissed as soon as we arrive at the East Bank Campus. (Please plan to pick up students who have attended Founders' Day between 1pm and 1:15pm from the East Bank Campus. There is NO banking that day.)

Parents, you will receive additional information, including a permission slip, by mail. Students will also receive this information on Monday. The permission form MUST be received by Wednesday, April 16th.

JCFA Celebrates its Second Graduate, Jamal J.!

Mr. Maloney's Office Recess!

This month's Office Recess brought together a group of University of Michigan engineers from across the United States. Students learned about a conceptual high-speed transportation system called the Hyperloop, which would take commuters from Los Angeles to San Francisco in only 35 minutes (at a top speed of 760 mph!). Discussion topics centered on environment effects, technological know-how, and business impacts. Ask your student what they learned at home!

Student Scientist of the Month

March - Amanda T.

Amanda T. is an American scientist dedicated to understanding and analyzing complex scientific mechanisms. Her attention to detail and dedication to the field of science mirrors the efforts put forth by Dr. Barbara McClintock. Just as Dr. McClintock was the first female to receive the Nobel Prize unshared with other scientists, Amanda is the first scientist to receive the Dr. Barbara McClintock award. Her contributions serve as an inspiration to all female scientists.

April - Daniel H.

Daniel H. is a Honduran scientist interested in studying the effects of diet and exercise on mood and behavior. His original experiments examining the effect of diet on mood conducted on Ms. K have gained him great acclaim. He is very well respected in the scientific community for his ability to apply scientific research to effective models of human behavior using innovative techniques and exhibiting great creativity.

JCFA Spring Break and Summer Info

Spring Break

JCFA's spring break is April 18-April 21st. Students will return to campus Tuesday, April 22. Keep in mind the following:

  • Thursday, April 17th -- No Banking. All students must be off campus by 1pm.
  • Friday, April 18th -- No School. Campus Closed.
  • Monday, April 21st -- No School. Campus Closed.
  • Tuesday, April 22nd -- Students and Faculty return to school.

Remember to Bank for Time Off

JCFA students attend school year-round and do NOT receive a summer break. Students who plan to take time off for vacations or other fun summer events should start banking now! If you know your student needs to take an extended amount of time off, he/she should take advantage of Extended Banking, which allows students to earn two banked periods a day Mondays-Thursdays:

  • Regular Banking from 1:00pm - 2:14pm
  • Extended Banking from 2:15pm - 3:30pm

Banking and Extended Banking is also useful in making sure students meet JCFA-East's 90% attendance requirement. If your student is below 90% attendance or had negative hours as of the last progress report, he/she should plan to bank until in the positive. We generally recommend that students maintain 15 hours of banking.

Upcoming Events/Important Dates

  • April 17th -- No Banking. All students must be off campus by 1pm.
  • April 18th -- Spring Break--No School!
  • April 21st -- Spring Break--No School!
  • May 9th -- Progress Reports
  • May 13th -- EOC Testing (will occur through 5/20)
  • May 14th -- Parent-Teacher Conference
  • May 26th -- Memorial Day -- No School!