Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is a very fun city with lots of new things to do!

Cairo's Catering

You're taste buds will be tingling when you try the food in Cairo! Try a unique breakfast, consisting of beans and bread. While you're here in Cairo, try a wide variety of vegetables, don't forget to eat you're five meals a day. If you like meat, then come to Cairo and you'll be in heaven! There's tons of tasty things to try!

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Culture of Cairo

There's so many interesting things to learn about Cairo. Learn all about the Islam/Muslim religion, also visit the site of one of the world's greatest civilizations. get important information on the Fatimid dynasty. Learn about language, religion, traditions and so much more! You'll learn so much when you visit Cairo!

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Amazing Activities

If you like to do fun things, then cairo's the place for you! Take a cruise on the Nile River. Visit the Mediterranean Sea and find many exciting activities! Don't forget to enjoy a movie at the local movie theater. Do you like singing? Then go watch an opera show! There's so many fun things to do all across Cairo!

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Sights Worth Seeing

So many interesting sights to see! Come and see the Cairo Tower. Have a fabulous time at the University of Cairo! Catch great views from the Citadel fort, also come and see the world famous Great Sphinx! Cairo has many great views and sights.

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Learn the Language

Learn how to speak the language of Cairo! Have you ever learned the arabic language? Greet people with new expressions. Learn all 28 symbols of the foreign Arabic language! Great new expressions and languages to learn!

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Cairo's Climate

If you want beautiful summer weather, then come to Cairo! Summer temperatures up to 95 degrees, with only on average 5 rainy days a year(between November and January). Clear skies await you! Come to Cairo, in the summer and experience great weather!

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