Imagine you just about to get off your plan and and you look over and you see a south American tapir.Tapir are 6to8 feet tall.Tapirs are the largest plant eater on dry land.They spend most of their time in the water some times hiding from predators.Tapirs are have been hunted for many years now they are on the endanger list so we need do every thing can do to help them.

What DO They Look Like

Tapirs look like rhinoceroses and have feet like a horse. Tapirs are one of the largest mammals found in south America. They can be 6to8 feet tall. They in at 350 to 600 pounds . They have stumpy tails and large ears. their front feet have four toes and three in the back. Tapirs have nose that drawn out from movable short trunk. their short trunks help them get leaves.


Tapirs love bananas and they cook ow for them. Tapirs are the the largest animal on dry land.Tapirs like vegetation from under the water to eat. They also have a long lip for getting food. Maybe someday you will see a low land tapir lurking throw the the night trying to find food.


Tapirs spend time at night in the water sometimes hiding from pretenders. Today tapirs are the only found in south America Mexico and Malaysia and cloud forest and rainforest. They also can be found in swamps and hill side areas. Tapirs love water to and spend most of their time in it. In the wild they stay in pars or by the their self and that makes them hard to see. Tapirs don't look like they move because of their big bodes but they move a lot. Did you know that humans have hunted tapirs for many years for their tasty meat that is way we need to help them in their habitat.


Did you know that tapirs have three different speeches. Did you know tapirs are enronormes and


trunk- a long projecting nose

cloud forest - a tropical forest

amazon- serves most of the amazon basin