School Bus Roadeo!

May 10, 2019

Keeping Safe Driving a Priority

The transportation department of the Estes Park School District participated in their annual School Bus Roadeo on Tuesday, May 7th. This event is a long standing tradition that brings a little fun into preparing school bus drivers for several different circumstances they may encounter on the road as they transport our most important cargo.

During the roadeo, drivers are scored on their ability to navigate their bus through a series of road, parking and safety maneuvers that simulate real life scenarios and potential hazards. (Snowstorm in May, anyone?)

The driver with the highest score will be able to participate in the state Roadeo competition which will be held in Aurora this June. The state Roadeo is put on by the Colorado State Pupil Transportation Association.

Estes Park School District bus drivers are required to participate in a certain number of hours of training each year, and though this particular event isn't a requirement, it's a good skills practice for the versatile climate and road conditions that we face in a mountain community.

Professional Development and staying current on training is something that the school district values in all areas, and that includes every staff member. An investment in our staff is an investment in student outcomes.

As a smaller district, our transportation team gets the great opportunity of building personalized relationships with the students they transport and interact with every day. We thank them for all they do on a daily basis and for making a difference in our kids lives!

And the WINNER is...

This year's winner of the Bus Roadeo is Noreen Musick!

Noreen has been with Estes Park School District since 2003, and has driven more miles than we can begin to calculate.

She will be representing us in June at the state competitions and we wish her lots of luck. Thanks for going the extra MILE for our students!