Tv Timer For Kids

By Vinciente Antonio Zane Pippa Baker


Mothers are you sick of your kids on the TV in the middle of the night and they dont get enough sleep?Then there's a solution to your problem.Get the TV timer.


The TV timer is a device that shuts your TV off immediately.Just set the timer say for three seconds then 3,2,1 power off.Its simple,and it has a code so your children can't turn the TV back on.So no more screaming at your children and fighting with them and get the TV timer.

Social Prblems

The TV timer will help your children get social.But you parents out there that don't have TV timer then good luck trying to get friends for your children.

Why I Say Yes

I say yes because kids don't get enough sleep for school or they'll never get enough energy to go outside.So your child will not get enough exercise so when your child wakes up she\he will get right back on the TV.