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About Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi

Donato di Niccoló di Betto Bardi nicknamed Donatello was born in 1386 and the specific date is unknown. Donatello died on december 13, 1446. He was known as an early renaissance sculptor. His birthplace was Florence Italy and that was also where he worked all his life. Donatello learned his craft from the Martelli Family and as well from working at a goldsmith's shop. He was known as a treasure seeker due to having a love for interesting things and sculptures. He not only learned part of his craft at a goldsmith shop but also made a living there. The type of art that Donatello most commonly created would be sculptures. Some of Donatello's most famous work would be the Bronze David (1408), the Orsanmichele St. Mark (1413), and the St. John Evangelist (1415). What really made Donatello so well known and praised was his attention to lifelike detail on his sculptures. Donatello's patrons in his life were mainly his parents because they provided him with financial aid throughout his journey to fulfill his dream of becoming an artist. Donatello also helped him self out in a lot of ways by working at a goldsmith's shop and provided himself with money and learning more about his own artistic ability.

Donatello's Connections to Humanism and Individualism

Donatello's art work revolved a lot around humanism and individualism. I pick those two "isms" because almost all of Donatello's works either were of one person or had people in his sculptures. Humanism is represented as teaching the importance of human life. A prime example of humanism would be a mom feeding her child because it shows the interaction of two humans and one helping another. Individualism would be represented as sclupting one person, a fine example of individualism would be the Bronze David because it represents one person doing one thing for himself.

Donatello's Works

A piece of artwork that stuck out to me the most from all of Donatello's creations would be the Bronze David because of its unique material that it is constructed of (Bronze) and the difficulties to form such detailed structures from it. The Bronze David was created in 1408 and the exact date it was finished is unknown till this day. You may see this piece today in many places such as art-books, art-magizines, and the internet. The Bronze David is located in the Museo Nazionate del Bargello in Florence Italy. This piece of art was so significant because of the fine detail that it had. And the difficulties that came along with building a 191 cm tall bronze sculpture. The Bronze David is a fine example of individualism because it representation of one person posing for a portrait.

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