Country in Africa


Capital: Moroni

Currency: Comorian franc

Population 2013: 734,917 people


The country Comoros are very close to other country's like Madagascar and Mozambique.

Comoros has two seasons, one being a hot humid season from November to April and then it's cool for the rest of the year. They also heavy rainfall and cyclones which occurs during the hot season. Also they have very little natural water. The president of Comoros is Ikililou Dhoinine. Back 1,500 years ago France colonised the islands and Comoros became free in 1975. The government in Comoros is improving everyday with emerging republic. The language of Comoros is French, Arabic and Comorian. Also the companies in Comoros prepare species and fragrant plants for exportation.

Most people work on farms. Men work with cash crops while women work in food producing fields. The children spend their time collecting water and wood. Next thing the ceremonial dishes include beef and castrated goat served with white rice. Also there are three classes, first there are princely descendants of the ancient sultans. Second there's fisherman that are seen as social inferior. Third is descendants of African slaves of to themselves.


Real GDP per capita: $ 810.13

Human development index: .503

Infant mortality rate(per 1,000 live births): 57.9

Live expectancy: 63.3 years

Adult literacy rate: 75.9% ages 15 and older

Religion: Sunni Islam

Comoros strengths are trading which they are very good at, examples are perfumes and spices. Another strength is can sell a lot of fabric to help them out economically. There are many weaknesses of this country. There farming is one because they live of the food that they grow called subsistence farming. They also have poor education were most of the teachers themselves are not highly educated, very few of them ever went to college. Another weakness is industry accounts for only 4 percent of gross national product and the one of the largest weakness they have is they don't have a lot of fresh water.

The main country that helps Comoros is France because they try to help with there health services. The World Bank also helps fund projects that would improve the lack of electricity and health care of the public. Both also help to improve education within the country.

The reason why Comoros is still a LDC is because they usually have to delay projects because of constant storms and that children spend most of their time farming or doing work than focusing on their studies.

Economic Strategies

The economic strategies that will improve Comoros would be giving supplies to them to improve their infrastructure and improving the education problems within the country.

The UN and 1st world countries can implement these strategies by sending in resources for improving infrastructure and sending in teachers to help educate the children more.

These strategies will work because the focus on improving infrastructure will create jobs and form perminate jobs for the future and improving education.

Comoros has the ability to become economically stable epically if they improve their health care and education within the country so they can start focusing on job creating efforts.