CTE Department Meeting



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Gary Allan - Watching Airplanes

Great Place To Post Questions

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1:15-1:45- SPED-Modifications- Mrs. Watkins

-Documenting Accomidations and Modifications

-Using Curriculum View report to document -Marvia Davidson

1:45-2:00 Transferring Students Edmentum-Mr. Arizaleta

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2:00-3:00-Edmentum Review/Updates/Practice- Ms. Davidson

  • Assigning Grade Templates

  • Manage/Assign Credits

  • Grading in Progress Status versus Grade Tracker.

  • Limiting attempts to unlock mastery test to 3

  • Entering Lab/Teachers choice grades

  • What should the “Detailed Grade Report” look like before you submit for completion?Grade to Date and Final Grade

KAHOOT-Mrs. Keating

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The Sleeper

3:15-3:30 The Sleeper- Tell me what you think?

Please get with the person sitting next to you and discuss these two questions:

1.) What stood out the most to you in this video?

2.) Do you see "sleepers" in your classroom? What strategies can you implement to engage the "sleeper"

When the music stops be prepared to share. Each group member will take one question to share

Kenny Chesney - American Kids

3:30-4:00-Career Prep-Mrs. Keating

-Are we getting our TP agreements in? 15 days from the day the student is enrolled in course

-How are we doing with our red folders?

-Have we scheduled 1st round evaluations?

-Are students making progress? Must monitor


- Procedures

- Forms

- Send to Mrs. Keating @ Admin


Business and Industry Certifications

-OSHA (career safe)

-CP students

-Other students?

-Vouchers-career safe


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4:00-4:30 Grade Books/Other-Mrs. Keating



· First due date 10-6-15

Professional communications:

-2nd semester (must give...unless there is a drop form)

-Other clarifications

NEXT CTE Department Meeting

Friday, Nov. 13th, 1-4:30pm

6221 Riverside Dr

Irving, TX

Be Sure to sign up in Eduphoria for the next content meeting on 11-13-15