Welcome to Tick's Home in Tennessee

in 2003

Tick's House in Tennesee

The majority of the book takes place in Tick's neighborhood. He lives in a rural neighborhood and spends most of his time in the local library where he can access the internet. It is a quiet town and Tick is often bored. In Tick's house his mother, an avid baker, is constantly baking and very rarely spends time with him. His only friend is his dad, one of the best friends you could ever had in Tick's opinion. This setting affects Tick because without Tick's great relationship with his father due to living in a secluded neighborhood allows him to tell his father about the weird thing that are happening to him. If Tick had not told his father then he would have never took the trip to Alaska where he found the 13th reality. Also Tick would have died many times in the 13th reality without the protection of his father.
James Dasher: 2012 National Book Festival

Welcome to Macadamia, Alaska in 2003

A Post Office in Macadamia, Alaska

Norbert Johnson is a post worker in Macadamia, Alaska when he meets one of the most interesting people he will ever meet. The post office is warm compared to the arctic temperatures of the blizzard outside. It is silent inside the office as he is the only one there. He is engaged in thought when a man named Master George enters the post office. After a short conversation Norbert knew that he needed to send the letters the man gave him immediately.

Norbert Johnson, Master George, and Mistress Jane in the Post Office

Thursday, April 24th 2003 at 4:15pm

Macadamia, Alaska

Norbert Johnson is working in his post office when Master George walks in. Master George request that Norbert Johnson sends a large number of letters to various locations and leaves quickly. A few minutes later Mistress Jane, a mean lady dressed in full yellow, walks in and demands to see the letters Master George just left with Norbert.