PEEPS,PLAYAS, & Apple Bottom Jeans

Zach Jackson, Celeste Holliday, Aidan Carter, Damian Fix

Essential Question

How have teenagers influenced popular culture / what trends and cultures have had a major influence

What is Pop Culture?

Pop culture is cultural patterns throughout the community it could also be cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to,or aimed at the tastes of the General masses of people.
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What are some of the early trends?

The trends in the early 1900s consisted of long dresses, big hats, alcohol, Silent Movies, dancing , and lampshade skirts. other early trends in the 1960s consisted of Long boots, Hairspray, pop art, cut in clothing, black and white films, short shorts, and the Beatles.
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What Trends have influenced the 1900s?

Popular trends in the consisted of windbreakers, rolled up pants legs, rap music, black socks, baggy shorts and the fab 5. These trends changed the view of most people. For example it caused society to change, it made bad things good
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How trends influence laws and policies in America?

Some trends can tend to be out of control in which these trends get banned. Example Alcohol got banned because it got out of control.
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Not all trends stay around.

Some trends such as Jinco jeans, sunburn art tend not to stick around or the The #KylieJennerLipChallenge- This online challenge involved putting an empty pill bottle or shot glass to you lips, and trapping them in an air tight pocket for 5 minutes. But shortly after the trend set foot, people began realizing how dangerous this trend was! By bursting the capillaries in your lips you can permanently disfigure and deform your lips! Ouch!
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How trends set our school community

Both generation see some trends as stupid, and feel no need to keep up with them. only older generations see that this is a problem for younger generations .some trends are related Peer Pressure and bullying some trends such as dance trends teach kids bad habits.
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What is trending in today’s culture and what role does it play in your life today?

There are many trends in today’s culture..You have many dance trends like the whip, dab, drop, and you can even pipe it up and stab. There is many clothing trends and trending brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, and Jordan.
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