Lora inc.

We want to help you get your business out there!

We make the most AWESOME presentations for your every need.

We can help you impress every one of your viewers by making the most mind melting presentations on Microsoft Word, Keynote, and Prezi and iMovie. We will help you get that promotion or get that A+!

We can help you make presentations on Prezi, Keynote, Microsoft Word, we can even help you make a commercial or presentation on iMovie!

We even help you make commmercials in iMovie.

iMovie is made for Macs and is a very simple way to use your videos to make new commercials for your new business and so much more! There are a lot of themes to choose from to make your movie and movie trailer.

Costs and Refunds

The cost of my services will depend on how long I work. Every ten min. cost $1 and if you need extra help exporting your presentations and putting them on flash drives, etc. then you will have to pay $1extra. If you are not satisfied with my work you can get a refund but considering that I spent a lot of time trying to help you I will still keep 5% of the original pay. If I know that I can't help you then I will not try to cheat you out of your money i will immediately tell you so that I don't waste your time and my time.

Extra info

If you have any questions about my work and about my money agreements than just email me.

Lora inc.

We want to help you get your business out there.