Chapter Five Dessert

By: Mackenzie Ryan Hour 3

O' Christmas Tree as O' Reviving Language

O reviving language, O reviving language,
We are so glad to hear you!
In Israel, Hebrew returns
And many of it's children learn
The brand new words, with ancient sounds
It brings the nation together!

O next we go, to English Isle
Where Cornish died a while ago
Yet now it makes a return bright
With people learning late at night
O go to school, the night time school
For people of all ages!

O travel south, to Australia
And it's neighbor New Zealand
The two countries are not the same
One learning only English names
O Thank you New Zealand
For keeping Maori close at hand

O reviving language, O reviving language,
Not everyone will love you
It makes it hard to drive your car
When signs are in five languages
But we rejoice as you have your voice
We need linguistic diversity
Hebrew is being revived in mostly Israel.
Cornish is being revived in where other than Cornwall itself.
New Zealand has been learning English but has kept their native language Maori close if needed.