Not Done Yet!

I believe in you

Not Giving Up

I haven't given up on #HOPE!

I haven't given up on you!

I believe you want to do something, a small act of kindness filled with compassion. To help you do just that, we're giving this an extension to give you the opportunity to be a part of something amazing. Each kit that you purchase/sponsor will be filled with essential items to make fighter a little more comfortable during treatment.

Available thru 9/13/16

Consider doing something amazing for another person.

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Compassion & Support

I've created a great way to show some compassion to an individual on a life altering journey.

I'm reaching out and checking in to see who's ready to offer up some compassion and commit to support and sponsor a Care Kit!

I have 10 and need 40 more by September 13th.

What is a Care Kit - A care kit is a pouf or pouch that you purchase through my ‪#‎StellaDot‬ site. The link is provided below. #StellaDot, does not provide or offer the kit.
You're able to purchase the poufs pictured at varying prices.
What is in it - I will provide the fillings that create the Care Kit to be donated to women in treatment. Each pouf will be filled with items that make up the care kits to be delivered to women currently in treatment.
Each kits will include elements that are essential while in treatment.
Lip Balm, tissues, notepad/pen, hard candy, hand sanitizer, and a pair of socks and more.
Each person is invited to have me add a personal note on your behalf and added to your care kit.
How much is it - the poufs/pouch range from $24-$39
How do I do it - You're invited to purchase a pouch/pouf of your choice using this link,
Once purchase, have your pouch/pouf shipped to yourself or me.

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Sharing is Caring

All I can do is ask. No pressure or obligation.

I know how much each individual will be touched by your thoughtfulness.

If requested, a personal note card can be included with your gift.

No better or worse than any item or cause that you'd sponsor.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please take the extra step to share with others.

Making an Impact

I will continue to do what I can to support the women that are in need of ongoing support. Even the smallest act of kindness will go a long way.