Preventing Suicide

The Help

Warning Signs

People struggling with suicide will often give verbal, and none verbal clues. Many signs that a person might be suffering from thoughts of suicide include not caring about their appearance, self mutilation, giving away possessions, poor adjustment to a recent loss, and drug or alcohol abuse. Along with those hints they also might be saying things to indicate they are in trouble. These would be something like this, "I wish I were dead", "If something like this happens, I am killing myself" or "I am going to kill myself". What they are saying might also be indirect phrases like "Nobody needs me" or " I just can't go any longer". They are all serious and taking action is a important part to help a struggling person get better.

Nothing is ever Lost

Ways to Help

Suicide is preventable in many ways, but you need to know how to help. The most important thing you can do is show that you care about them. Most victims of suicide often want to live but they can't find a way out. Finding ways for them to feel good about themselves and giving them a way to be happy is a great way too. You can also prevent suicide by directly talking to the person. Doing that might make the person rethink the situation. A couple last ways to prevent it is just make things better, or get them to cope with stressful things in their life. If those strategies don't work and you are still concerned, get help. Professional help is the best way to lead a suicidal patient to recovery.

Recovery Specialists

Suicide is more than a choice, it is a killer. Lets end it now.

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