2022 FSU Commencement Connection

Things to Know and Do Now.

#1: Share Your Thoughts

We are looking ahead to May and want to know your thoughts about celebrating with your family and friends on campus. Please take a moment to share your interest and preference for days and times. Survey is linked to the "FSU Family Graduation ..." button below.
FSU Family Graduation Activity Poll

Let us know your thoughts about celebrating with your family!

#2: Mark Your Calendar

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#3: Check Degree Works

During advising and registration, review your remaining courses with your advisor, know what courses still need to be completed to graduate, and be an expert of your Degree Works.

You are responsible for understanding and
knowing what still needs to be completed to graduate.

Do this NOW and avoid any last minute stress about missing courses, make a plan for the winter session if needed, and map out your FINAL semester at FSU.

#4: Submit this Form

If you plan to graduate and/or participate in Commencement Ceremonies, you must complete the Notice of Candidacy for Graduation available on-line (through MyFramingham) and submit it to the Office of the Registrar.

A Couple More Things

Some terminology:

  • Commencement is the ceremony recognizing completion of your degree requirements. It is not mandatory to participate in Commencement to receive your well earned degree. (Although it is a pretty significant tradition to experience!)
  • Graduation is the actual completion of your degree requirements.

Look for more of these newsletters as we march towards May!

About Graduation Eligibility

Receipt of this email DOES NOT mean that you are eligible to graduate or participate in the Commencement Ceremony. It is the responsibility of each student (that's you!) to confirm your eligibility to graduate from Framingham State University.