Wallace Elementary School

Quarterly Newsletter, Marking Period 4

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  • Celebrating the 2019-2020 School Year
  • Year in Review
  • Field Day Montage
  • Wildcat Summer Challenge

Celebrating the 2019-2020 School Year

As the 2019-2020 school year draws to a close, we would like to take this time to reflect on the challenges our staff, students, and community have overcome and the achievements accomplished despite these many challenges. A quote by Heraclitus sums up our collective experience this school year "the only constant in life is change." Throughout the second half of this year our community faced events and changes that no-one could have predicted or prepared for. Despite this landscape, students, families, staff, administration and community members have persevered and continuously demonstrated their commitment to education and Hoboken Public Schools.

In a matter of weeks, the our school, and district, adjusted and adapted how education is provided. Staff developed and delivered online curriculum. Students demonstrated flexibility as they tackled the art of online school and showed up for class in their living rooms. Parents and families took on an even greater role as academic coaches. The administration reallocated resources to ensure that students had the devices and technology they needed to be successful.

Throughout all of these actions, it is evident that our Wallace community embodies unity, works hard, leads with love, and is incredibly resilient. The changes may have challenged us, but together we were able to learn, grow, and celebrate all that makes us Wallace.

Our students learned valuable skills that will that will stay with them throughout their lives. Skills such as perseverance, problem solving, how to join and rejoin a Zoom meeting, the importance of listening to one another during an online discussion, and how to structure learning time at home. As a community we have learned that our school is not just the walls that make up the school building, our community consists of the people and the relationships we have formed. Together we have celebrated our community through Wildcat weekly challenges, virtual field day, and virtual end of the year events and promotion ceremonies.

There are days of uncertainty ahead, yet we no one thing for sure — We are Wallace and any changes or challenges we face us will only make us stronger.

WES 2019-2020 Year in Review

Field Day Montage

Our Wildcats participated in a Virtual Field Day on June 5th! This was a great day for our school and district community to celebrate, compete, and let off some steam. We are so grateful to all of the families for their enthusiasm and making today possible. Additionally, every family added personal touches to make it unique and extra special for their students. Field day is always one of our favorite days of the school year and this virtual field day was no exception.

Please enjoy this virtual field day montage showcasing some of the field day events and many of the memories made. Our wildcats smiles truly say it all!

WES Virtual Field Day 2020

Wildcat Summer Challenge

Let's continue to celebrate our Wallace pride by engaging in a summer long Wildcat Challenge! All summer long share photos with us of your family and/or Wildcat showing unity, demonstrating resilience, working hard, or leading with love. Every Wednesday we will highlight some of these photos on our social media account #WildcatWednesday

We wish you a safe, healthy, and happy summer! Until we meet again, always remember...