Jewels and Ghouls

Team Shine Bright October 2016 Team Newsletter

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October is THE month to make your business SPOOK-tacular. Did you know it is one of our highest selling months of the year? And also one of the most popular months for Promotion.

October, November and December are the easiest times of the year to book trunkshows in the run up to Christmas because ladies are looking to get organised and start their Christmas shopping early. Plus the dark winter nights bring friends together to socialise indoors - often with a glass of wine or a brew ;-)

You could always host a 'Ghouls and Jewels' themed trunkshow with the kids and mums for extra fun, or maybe mulled wine and mince pies...

Share the Sign-Up special

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It's the best deal we have EVER had!!! You would be crazy not to recruit a team with such a SPECTACULAR OFFER . Become a Stylist and get £400 in free accessories *£100 extra from 27/09 - 31/10.

Benefits of having a team: it's SMILES more enjoyable, you can earn lots more and turn this from a hobby into a six-figure salary business, there are other perks such as luxury holidays to be earned as well as lots of FREE JEWELLERY for you and your recruit!

I will be doing a facebook live video this week - all about sponsoring - so feel free to tune in and watch xxxx

Want to promote to Associate Stylist or beyond?

Log in to your Stylist account with your email and password and clock on 'TOOLS AND RESOURCES' and 'STELLA DOT UNIVERSITY' for all you need to know about Promotions and EARNING an income you really do deserve!

Our training calls and recordings are also a fab way to ensure you are on track. Listen to this TRAINING CALL about BECOMING AN ASSOCIATE STYLIST. Click here

Marketing Tools for October

The Trunkshow Exclusive Offers for Halloween are scarily exciting! Don't forget to print them out and offer this amazing deal to your customers - so they can save 50% discount when they spend £50 or over!

HAPPY CUSTOMERS = HAPPY YOU (thanks to their savings and your extra earnings).

PS These offers change on the 1st of every month and can be found on the Stylist Lounge under Marketing Materials.

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Welcome to our newest Stylists

We are SO lucky to welcome some beautiful new faces to Stella & Dot.


Stacey Lee

Lindsay Halliday

Stacey Hall

Poonam Mistry

Sarah Kershaw

Cherith Chamberlain

Tammy Hughes

Rebecca Green

Lesca MacGregor

Emma Macleod

Please do join our Team Facebook Page (or ask you Sponsor to add you) ClICK HERE

Top 10 in Monthly sales

To convert PQV into £pounds just divide PQV by 1.22

4) Laura Lovell 2,616.9 PQV

5) Carrie Ann Stevens 2,550.94 PQV

6) Leanne Critchley 2,311.77 PQV

7) Leah-Victoria Crimes 2,161.39 PQV

8) Bernadette Gavin 2,099.44 PQV

9) Carol Paxman-Hughes 2,089.13 PQV

10) Katie Armstrong 1,979 PQV

Look who Sponsored in September

Amanda Smart 2

Stephanie Smith 2

Claire Parsons 1

Angela Parker 1

Yvonne Crolla 1

Lynnette Tibbetts 1

Team Promotions #SDJoy

The Stella and Dot Winter collection launches this week

Here are the dates for the Winter (Christmas Collection (UK | Ireland). Your sampling dates;

4th October: Leaders (Star Stylist +)

5th October: All Stylists

6th October: Customers

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The Bold Bonus Challenge

This is a Head Office Incentive and it continues in October. Here is how YOU can earn free jewellery just by doing your job!

1) SEPTEMBER Sell 1,000 PQV = £840 ( or two average trunkshows of £420 each) and You get £70 product credit.

2) SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER . Sell 5,000 PQV and Sponsor and Qualify two new Stylists. You get £750 PRODUCT CREDIT!!!!

Track your progress on your Business Dashboard.

PS Hit Asssociate Director pay rank and earn your Directors Summit pass FREE (this is free training in January next year).

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If you are a new stylist on my first line and you've sold at least £100 of jewellery from 26 July-30 Sept you could win one of four prizes. The winner is being drawn TONIGHT live at our North West team meeting. Be sure to check our team page for the winners:

2 x off roading Landrover experience day at Peckforton Castle, Chanel super pouty lip gloss and £40 of Winter collection product credits!

My top tips - Mhari Oakes

Three actions you can do right now to book trunkshows: -

1) Send 10 emails sharing the link to our Winter collection video.

2) Mail out 5 lookbooks with a personal note.

3) Text friends or customers individually with an image from the new collection.

Then, follow up with a phone call! Pick up the phone! It's key to success.