All about Latvia By:Camille Malagar

Joined EU May 1st, 2004 // Not a founding member of EU


Latvia borders Lithuania, Russia, and Estonia. Latvia is situated on the Baltic Coast.

Major Cities:

Riga (the Capital of Latvia) is one major city. Most of the population of Latvia lives in Riga ( 104,857)Other important cities are daugavpils (population-104,857), Liepaja (population-84,747), Durbe (population-1,105), and Pavilosta (population-1,111).

Currency type

Latvia used lats until it was recently replaced with euros (€) just this year. 1 lat equaled $1.75 in American money.

Geography (Physical features)

Latvia has large forests and many rivers such as the Daugava River, Lielupe River, Gausa River, the Veinta River, and the Salaca River. Also pine woods cover 41% of the country.


Latvia is one of the Baltic States. Latvia was forced to the Soviet Union by the Nazi Germans in 1940, until the Soviets re-occupied Latvia in 1941. Latvia was not independent until 1991.

Flag History

Latvia used their flag independently in 1918 until they got invaded by the Nazis and the Soviets in 1940. The red symbolizes the blood taken from their hearts for freedom and willingness to defend their liberty. The white stripe represents the white sheet that covered their leader when he was killed.
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Many people tour Latvia because of it's rich environment in wildlife and the beautiful freedom statue of Latvia that is one of the highest monuments in Europe so people could want to see that.

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Parliamentary Republic