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April 2014

It's Springtime, Let's Grow!

TESS - Component 3B

Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques

A great way to get students involved in their learning and make instructional decisions is through questioning and discussions.

So, what is wrong with the traditional practices when it comes to posing questions/discussions in the classroom?

  • Participation is voluntary, only students that raise their hands actually engage.
  • Even if random calling is used, the participation is limited to a few students.
  • Questions tend to be unintentional; therefore, failing to provide accurate data about student understanding.

Below are the TESS expectations for the distinguished level of questioning and discussion techniques.

Edutopia offers this "Handy Playbook" for fostering questions and discussions in the classroom. It is a great resource for building skill in this area.

If you would like the opportunity to receive feedback on the question/discussion techniques used in your classroom and/or offer to open your classroom to showcase your strengths in these areas, please sign up. This is purely a growth opportunity and non-evaluative! If you choose to sign-up, I will contact you to schedule a convenient date and time. Let's grow together!

What Teachers Make...

I'm sure that most of you have seen or heard of Taylor Mali and "What Teachers Make," but I thought it might be a nice refresher at this point in the year!
What Teachers Make Final Moviebk2 0001


Tuesday, April 8th, 4-5pm

RNTHS Cyber-Cafe

Consider attending to show our support to those who support us!

Changes in Professional Development Dates

Due to the additional snow days in March, the professional development schedule has been revised. These are the current dates from now until summer break. You may want to update your calendars!

2 Hour Building Sessions:

  • April 14 - EOC Test Training
  • April 21
  • April 28
  • May 5
  • May 19
  • June 2

2 Hour District Sessions:

  • May 12 - Department meetings

End of Year, Teacher Work Day:

  • Saturday, June 7