SPED Department Update

Back to School Edition

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Welcome Back!! Well not quite yet... But some of you are looking for some info. :)

As most of you know by now, I am the new department head. I am looking forward to another great school year and excited to bring our department to a whole new, awesome level.

Looking for me?

I am often in Room 165, as that is where my classroom is but... I am just a phone call away and I can always run up and meet you wherever is more convenient for you!!!

  • Come find me in room 165

  • Call room 165

  • Call or text 787-4788 to hunt me down

  • Email me

I am free during period 4 and 5 and/or before or after school

Welcome our new team members and new roles

Please give a warm welcome to: Jenna Devines, our new SI teacher and our new ES teacher Lynda Nikodem. Both are familiar to West Warwick and have worked within our district. We are very excited for them to be joining our team.

New Roles:

9th grade Red Team: Brenda Johnson

9th grade Blue Team: Alison Lagor

I want your opinion!!!

Please take a quick minute and fill out this google form to indicate your preferences for department meetings. SLC's, PD's and best ways to communicate.


Case Management Responsibilities


If you'd like you can get a head start on the case management responsibilities for the school year (These will be addressed in our department meeting as well).

First Two Weeks of School-Complete by Friday September 5th:

  • Schedules:

    • Check Schedule w/ IEP service page and program of studies.

    • Email Guidance Counselor to change schedule to match IEP if possible.

    • Request Amendment Meeting if necessary

  • Teacher Communication:

    • Email regarding strengths/needs/modifications in Aspen

    • Vo-tech Students-make copy of IEP and put in manila envelope and label for “Career Center”. Leave on counter in room 201. Please write your name on the IEP so the teacher will know who to contact.

I tried my very best to make sure that if student is on your caseload you AT LEAST see them for one class period. I also tried to keep case managers the same if you still have them in class. With cuts in staff I'm sure your numbers are higher than in years past but I made them as even as humanly possible and no one is over 15 students thus far.

Here you will find the actual breakdown of case managers. Please update me if changes need to be made.


New Resources for Resource Class: Transition

In the new Resource Curriculum Folder you will find:

  • High School Transition Services Menu: To be used as a grade by grade guideline and checklist for case managers and students. This should also assist in creating transition services when writing IEP's.
  • Transition Services Menu: Compilation of many valuable transition assessments all in one place with links and explanations - so you don't have to do the leg work.
  • IEP Organizer and Planning Workbook: To be used as a Student Led IEP tool and planning sheet for both case manager and student. If done in it's complete form there will be little more to do when planning to write an IEP.
  • Transition Curriculum: A suggested breakdown for an 8 week plan for each quarter divided by the overarching themes: Self Determination, Work Readiness, Citizenship & Community, and Goal Setting. If used in correlation with the above documents you should have an organized, mainstreamed curriculum that will give students and case managers appropriate checklists to guide their planning, IEP writing, and transition goals.


Scheduling IEP Meetings

Meetings will still be setup with Mariann (who will also be in charge of coverages)

Please use the new "Meeting Request" form in your mailbox (or right here: https://docs.google.com/a/westwarwickpublicschools.com/document/d/18m4Ak9ZoE1CD4LRjddiyik0WyBySLzsj78nLDiv9uR0/edit) to schedule meetings. Mariann knows that she will try to give as much time in advance in order for us to successfully write IEP's.


There is an updated ORS list from Carolyn Blessing.

  • Our first priority for referrals and followups should be for SENIORS. After second semester, Carolyn will not be accepting senior referrals.
  • ORS referral folders can be found in the 201 office.
  • Include in the packet:
    • signed application

    • most recent IEP

    • most recent evals

    • determination sheet

    *Complete Applications can go in 201, shoot me a quick email so I know and I can mail them out

  • If you need any information on who is referred, here's the doc


New Referral Evaluations

If a student is newly referred the following will happen...

  • Meeting will be scheduled and Jess Hassell will attend initial referral meeting, team will determine if student needs educational testing.
  • If students needs educational testing Julie Passafaro will provide education testing.
  • Julie Passafaro will sit in on the second evaluation meeting to present results from testing. Team will determine if student qualifies for testing.
  • If a student qualifies for testing Jess Hassell will determine case manager.
  • Case Manager will request, hold, and write Initial IEP.

TALK TECHY TO ME: Looking to share info with parents and students without having to create an entire website? Create a twitter account!!

What about creating a class/teacher twitter account?! Attached is a permission slip that can be shared with parents to help inform them about Twitter. The example is elementary based for sure but you get the drill.

Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!