Class News 1/2B

Week 7


We have been noticing that many students aren't completing their homework or aren't handing it in on Friday.
Homework sheets are handed out on Monday and will be stuck in books at school. Spelling words need to be written out 2 or 3 times and the maths sheet completed.
The talking and listening topic this week is on how your family recycles water.

Grandparents/Harmony Day

Just a reminder to invite your grandparents or older neighbour/friend to our grandparents day. It is on Thursday 2oth March. If they have an ipad/iphone and can bring it on the day please download the free app called 'Harmony Day'.

Banking Reminder

The following students are eligible to choose a prize - (Handball, Scented Pencils, Money boxes) Please advise in your next banking which prize you would like to redeem.
Matthew Budgen, William Claydon, Jake Emerson, Thomas Connor, Isobel Leckie,

Book Club

Must be back by Fri 14th March @ 9am.

Weeks 9 and 10

Mrs Brokenborough will be away for weeks 9 and 10. Mrs Bartlett will be filling in for duration.

Hot Cross Bun orders

Don't forget to ask any friends or neighbours if they are interested in ordering Hot Cross Buns - orders need to be in by Friday 4th April


Many children have discovered tiny ticks on themselves - please check to make sure your child is tick free.