Counselor's Corner

Winter 2015

Jefferson Elementary Parents

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Handling Social Conflict

Welcome Back! Winter has arrived and we are officially back in the swing of things. As we move further into the year a common theme is handling social conflicts. "My friend didn't want to play with me today." "I didn't get to pitch during kickball!" "I was picked last to join the team." These may be things that you are hearing at home. A great way to help your child is not to solve the conflict, but help them figure out how to handle different situations. Check out the eight great tips offered by PBS Parents.

Guidance Lessons

Each month all classes are provided with a guidance lesson. The focus of the lessons centers around the Six Pillars of Character and additional skills needed for academic and social success.

September - Respect: Students discussed respect and generated ways in which they could fill other's and well as their own buckets by showing respect at home, school and with friends.

October -Mindfulness: Students learned what it means to be present and practiced using a guided imagery. Students imagined themselves going on an undersea adventure or taking a trip on their very own spaceship.

November & December -Trustworthiness and Responsibility: Students discussed what it means to be responsible which in included discussions on honesty and being trustworthy. They explored how being responsible meant owning up to their mistakes and how mistakes are a good way to learn.

January & February -Caring: Students will increase their feeling vocabulary, identify triggers for the different feelings they have and focus on positive ways to deal with feelings.

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Free Raindows Grief Counseling Program

Rainbows is a national program that has been serving NJ and its families since 1985.

Rainbows is a non-sectarian supportive program for children, ages 5 to 12, who are coping with grief due to death, divorce, separation or abandonment.

Children will participate in a series of curriculum based small group meetings led by trained professional volunteers. The groups meet weekly and are generally offered in the fall and spring.

When: The next session begins March 14, 2016. It will run for 10 weeks. The program is free of charge.

Where: The Linda and Rudy Slucker NCJW Center for Women

70 South Orange Avenue, Suite 120

Livingston, NJ

A parent information session runs at the same time. This session is optional and is also free of charge.

For Registration and Information: