Mindfulness & Movement

@ Salt Lamp City

Come and join us for an evening of Movement & Mindfulness. Led by various members of the community, these sessions include dance and movement, and will have live musicians playing as part of the event! Afterwards, we gather to practice mindfulness—the intentional, accepting, and non-judgmental focus of one's attention on the present moment—and share in this experience as a group. Herein are welcome people of all walks of life. These events are for anyone who wants to activate their deepest essence through dance, movement, and mindfulness thereby achieving balance and harmony. "From the desire to be reborn out of our broken gestures, to let the body go beyond right and wrong, beyond culture, beyond the sterile repression structures, beyond the body itself… we dance. In these natural needs for tenderness, compassion, and presence of mind, heart, body and soul we trust."