The Amazing Georgia

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Why Was Georgia Founded

*The English feared that Spain was about to expand it's Florida colony north

*A group of wealthy Englishmen led by James Oglethorpe wanted a colony where there would be protection for English debtors

Who Originally Founded the Colony

*Georgia's founder was James Oglethorpe

Georgia's Geography


1. rice

2. indigo

3. phosphates

4. commercial fishing

5. lead

6. bauxite

7. partly forest

8. Mostly farming


* Georgia's founders wanted Georgia to be a colony of small farms, not large plantations

*"The economy was (in the 1700's[the official colony of Georgia had not been established until 1732, becoming the last of the original 13 colonies]) mainly based off plantations (growing both indigo and rice). Slavery didn't come until James Orglethorpe took away the ban on slavery due to constant complaints from the settlers. Cotton didn't come until later, when the cotton gin was invented (1793)."


"The colony was administered by the Trustees for the establishment the colony of Georgia in America under a charter issued by (and named for) King george 11."


* "The church constituted the most influential and largest congregation of Christians."

* "First African Baptist Church was formally established in 1788 for a small congregation of Black Baptists."