Hogg, anything but a pig

The ins and outs of Mr. Everything

Tough Childhood. Big Future.


Hogg was born on March 3, 1851

Later on in life, he would become Texas' FIRST native born Governor.

Until Then, He was an Orphaned child

Forced to support himself, To create his own future

It all started with a newspaper...

From Newspaper, To Political Leader

Working for the news paper, he enhanced he reading, writing, and vocabulary. soon he began to study law and was VERY successful.These are some of the roles he was elected into.
  1. justice of peace
  2. county attorney
  3. district attorney.
  4. earned the label of the most aggressive and successful district attorney
  5. attorney general
  6. governor
If James Hogg wanted to be the senator, he would have had the role in an instant. Never the less, Hogg decided to return to private practice.


Doing The Impossible

The Strangest Things...

James Hogg was once SHOT in the back while helping the local law. Of course that didn't stop him, and he recovered soon afterward!

he decided to go back into the news paper business. :)

The Most Difficult Task In Life

Even with so many things happening in his life. Hogg still made time for love.
Sallie Stinson became his wife.
They had four beautiful children.
And kept their happy family for many years.
Whenever His wife died, James was left to care for his children.
One of Hogg's sissters came down to help out until the children were old enough to leave.
Even though he was in debt, Hogg's knowledge in law gave his children a bright future.

WCMG Assoc Meeting

Thursday, May 16th, 9pm

Extension Office 618 S Main St Quitman,TX 75783 USA

Many Cool and interesting meetings, holiday events, and Tours take place In the Mansion Above, James Hogg and his wife own and live there with their children!!

Stupid Railroads >:(

James Got hurt in an railroad accident and never fully recovered. He became fatally ill right before he was scheduled to give a speech. His Daughter, Had to fill in for her dieing father.

JAMES HOGG DIED ON March 3, 1906.
He was buried in Houston, The capitol of Texas