History Should Never Repeat

The story of Hitler


Hitler was a the WW2 commander. Be believed that Germany deserved two win WW2, and that Jews, sick, mentally challenged, and other people like them should all die. He had a large amount of followers called the Nazis, who also believed in the statement.


My Opinion

I strongly disagree with what he believed, the people he hated were not poison to the Earth, and that they all deserved a chance.


Hitler, was a very powerful man who came at the right time in the right place, because of Germany's depression, he was a ray of hope and they accepted him. Other then his political power he was weak, he had no respect for people not like him, part of this was the reason that so many countries fought against him. But also the reason some countries willingly went to him.
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Lets just say we brought Hitler back from the dead... these were the questions I would ask

1. Do you regret the war?

2. What did you have against the people you sent into the camps

3. Are you proud of what you did?