Kelp forests

Under the seas

Where is the Kelp forest located?

The kelp forest is located in off of the coast of Anacapa, California.

ocean water chemistry

The magical kelp forest is about 42 to 72 degrees. The average density of the kelp forsest is around 5 and, the kelp can also be 100 ft long. The average pressure isnt located online or in the book but the kelp forest has high salinity.


Ocean currents supply a kelp ecosystem with nutrients, planktonic food, and larvae. We have found that these currents in a kelp forest.

characteristics of an ecosystem

a community of living organisms in conjunction with non-living componets of their enviorment interacting as a system.

biotic factors

light, temperature, nutrients, water motion, and rocks or other hard surfaces. Kelp forests will grow much easier and better if there is plenty of light.