Email Processing For Cash

100% reliable, Not a scheme or scam, making 100-500 weekly.


Email Processing is perfect for newbies and those with little to no technical skills. By simply copying the pre-written ads and posting them on the online classified ad sites; Craigslist and Backpage, you'll earn $25 for every email you process. The process of "processing emails" happens when a new member signs up and pays the $25 to the person who posted the online classified ad that they are responding to. When a payment is made, the sponsor will receive an email notification from PayPal letting them know that they have just received a $25 payment. The sponsors "job" is to actually process that email by copying and sending the pre-written getting started email to their new member which gives them access to the members area so that they can get started. Although most members will click on the return to merchant button immediately after making their PayPal payment and will already have access to the members areas, sometimes they don't which is why this manual step of sending them the getting started email with a link to the members area is extremely important. As a member of EPS, you will receive immediate access to the members area where you will find the pre-written ads which include hundreds of subject lines and dozens of ad bodies. You will also receive unlimited access to the EPS Support Team. If you have questions or need help, the EPS Support Team is only an email away. The support team consists of a group of seasoned Email Processors themselves who volunteer to help new members. Simply send in an email with your question or request for help and one of the members of the EPS Support Team will respond within 48 hours (usually much sooner). This is all included in the one-time $25 lifetime membership fee. Launched in February of 2010, the Email Processing System (EPS) was an idea created by a husband and wife team whose whole goal was to create a simple copy and paste system to help others make money online from home. Best described as an "income opportunity", EPS is simply a direct sales membership site, where the one-time $25 membership fee is paid directly to your sponsor. Email Processing has become extremely popular and since it's launch, there have been dozens of 'copy-cat' Email Processing sites that have surfaced. The Email Processing System is not associated with a company. Because EPS is offered as an online income opportunity with no admin fees being charged to members and all $25 payments being made directly from member to sponsor, our attorneys have deemed it unnecessary to establish company headquarters. This is a direct sales program that's been around since 2010. You’ll make $25 every time you refer someone who purchases an EPS Membership. There are no levels, pass-up sales or matrices involved. This is not a pyramid scheme but we’ll tell you what is... Having a JOB! Only the people at the top, your boss, the CEO etc. are the ones who are making the most money. Here, you have the opportunity to make more money than anyone else. It all just depends on your own efforts. Similar to starting a weight-loss loss program or exercise regimen, your results completely depend on you and vary from person to person, but if you work hard and stay dedicated you can start to see great results. The income potential is unlimited. You must be 18 or older. You will get paid immediately and instantly into your PayPal account for every email you process.